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Zumwalt Students Selected for All-District Band and All-State Choir

Fort Zumwalt School District

A talented group of Fort Zumwalt student musicians and vocalists were recently named to the Metro 8 All District Concert Band and Jazz Band and to the All-State Choir.

District 8 is composed of both public and private schools in the city of St. Louis, private schools in St. Charles and Jefferson Counties, and the Francis Howell and Fort Zumwalt school districts.

41 students were named to the Metro 8 All-District Concert Band, which will perform on November 20 at Chaminade:

East High

  • Bradley Greathouse, French horn
  • James Cowan, trumpet
  • Adam Schonhoff, trombone

North High

  • Brendan Hoffman, clarinet
  • Morgan Hopkins, clarinet
  • French Horn: Alex Babel
  • Nick Brothers, oboe
  • Sydney Elsenraat, trumpet
  • Lucy Kampman, trumpet
  • Lyle Simpson, trumpet
  • AJ Stolze, trumpet
  • Logan Schulte, tenor saxophone
  • Kyle Saake, trombone

South High

  • Andrew Axley, alto sax
  • Elli Castonguay, clarinet
  • Kylee Hempel, clarinet
  • Kwangpil Jeong, clarinet
  • Cassidy Krewson, clarinet
  • Abigail Mortellaro, clarinet
  • Mary Bollinger, flute
  • Jonathan Bostic, French horn
  • Garrett Otto, euphonium
  • Cayden Springman, percussion
  • Mackenzie Manis, piccolo
  • Ashleigh Green, trombone
  • Dominick Randazzo, trombone
  • Jade Nuehring, trumpet
  • John Carnes, tuba

West High

  • Alto Saxophone: Brady Johnstone, alto saxophone
  • Amanda Guyre, bassoon
  • Emily Kelle, clarinet
  • Jamie Hammond, flute
  • Alexandria Oncken, flute
  • Angela Stansbery, flute
  • Casey Goltz, oboe
  • Andrew Dressman, tenor saxophone
  • Jackson Moeller, tenor saxophone
  • Haik Demirchian, trombone
  • Cooper Gibbs, trombone
  • Ethan Lowrey, trombone
  • Connor Marshall, tuba
  • Nick Oliver, tuba

Six students have been named to the Metro 8 All District Jazz  Band, which will also perform on November 20. Four will serve as alternates.

North High

  • Eric Wang, alto sax
  • Nick Brothers, baritone sax
  • Lyle Simpson, trumpet

South High

  • Andrew Axley, alto sax

West High

  • Andrew Dressman, alto sax (alternate)
  • Andrew Dressman, tenor sax
  • Brady Johnstone, tenor sax (alternate)
  • Brady Johnstone, baritone sax (alternate)
  • Joey Holzen, trumpet
  • Brandon Phan, trumpet (alternate)

Five Fort Zumwalt School District students have been named to the All-State Choir. Three more will serve as alternates. The All-State Choir will perform at the Missouri Music Educators (MMEA) Conference at Tan-Tar-A on January 25-28.

East High

  • Cameron Krueger, tenor (alternate)

North High

  • Carli Rohlfing, soprano
  • Isabelle Blevins, alto

South High

  • Matthew Pointer, tenor
  • Daniel Larabee, tenor (alternate)

West High

  • Lauren Reagan, alto
  • Jordan Dennis, tenor
  • Rich Powell, bass (alternate)

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