Wentzville Thrift Store Again the Target of Dumping

Items dumped at Mary Martha Thrift Store

Just five weeks after Mary Martha Thrift Store was forced to pay a hauling company to remove a huge pile of unsellable items dumped in their parking lot, the store has been hit again.

“Our workers were greeted with this mess as they came in this morning. The items are damp leading us to believe they were dropped off sometime during the night hours,” the store posted on its Facebook page.

A staffer looked at the items, which are mainly furniture pieces and mattresses that the store expressly states that it does not accept, and determined that nothing was salvageable.

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Last month, the organization’s president, Linda Adams, posted pictures on Facebook and asked that the community be aware of the problem and alert the police to any suspicious activity at the store, which is a nonprofit that helps support local food pantries and other charitable services. After last month’s incident, the organization received donations to help with the cost of hauling away the unwanted items.

Items dumped at Mary Martha Thrift Store