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Wentzville School District’s Prop E Passes, 2 New Board Members Elected

Voters in the Wentzville School District have passed a tax levy increase that will finance new classrooms and facilities in the burgeoning district.

Prop E was approved by a vote of 5,376 to 4,346, or 55.3 percent of the voters. Some comments on the school district’s Facebook page have asked why this measure required a simple majority for approval, when a Wentzville School District ballot measure last year failed because it did not get a 4/7 majority.

70 West Sentinel spoke with Rich Chrismer, Director of the St. Charles County Election Authority, about the majorities needed to approve various ballot measures.

Tax levy increases always require a simple majority–in other words, more than half of the ballots cast.

Bond issues (which authorize a debt that must be repaid) have a more complex set of requirements, according to Missouri statutes, and require a super majority for passage. The percentage required depends on whether it is an even-numbered year or an odd-numbered year, and also upon the month that the election is held.

Bond issues in April always require 4/7 or 57.14 percent approval, Chrismer said.

November bond issues in even number years require 4/7 or 57.14 percent approval. In odd-numbered years, that requirement jumps to 2/3, or 66.7 percent.

“I don’t know why, but I follow the law,” Chrismer said, “and the law is very clear.”

Board of Education

Tuesday’s election also saw the defeat of Wentzville School Board incumbents Sandy Garber and Sherry Cox. Elected to the board were newcomers Michael R. Feinstein and Natalie DeWeese.

Michael Feinstein
Michael Feinstein is a candidate for the Wentzville School District Board of Education.

Feinstein is an operations manager at Lou Fusz Automotive Group. He has lived in the district since 2006. In his candidate profile, Feinstein said, “Being a board member is about being a champion for our schools, putting students first and providing for the District’s needs to accomplish the task of providing top notch education to our children.”

Natalie DeWeese
Natalie DeWeese is a candidate for the Wentzville Board of Education.

DeWeese is a principal for the Winfield School District. “My top priorities are to continue to seek a long term solution for growth and keep our class sizes low. I would like to ensure that the district continue to maintain fiscal responsibility and still be able to provide a quality education where all students are learning at high levels,” she said.

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