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Wentzville School District’s New Project Tracks Paper Use, Plants Trees


The Wentzville School District has started utilizing PrintReleaf, a program that will track the District’s paper usage and plant trees for reforestation based on that usage.

WSD employees strive to use as little paper as possible to save costs and items are shared electronically whenever feasible. Now, the paper that is used will generate trees in areas around the world where there is the greatest need of reforestation.

“This is an opportunity for the WSD to help neutralize paper waste while at the same time participate in sustaining forests across the globe,” said Superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain. “It’s also a great way to set an example for our students to be mindful of our consumption and its impact on the environment.”

For the 2015-16 school year, the WSD purchased 6,647 cases of paper (33,235,000 sheets of paper). PrintReleaf reforests at a generally accepted rate of 8,333 sheets of paper per tree, so the WSD expects to plant approximately 4,000 trees over the next year. The District will be monitoring and sharing its paper usage, as well as the trees planted in various countries, as identified by PrintReleaf.

Through an online portal, the WSD will have the ability to track paper usage, trees planted, and the growth and survival of the trees as well.


“By neutralizing the impact on our global forestry system, we can unlock an infinite cycle for paper,” said Jordan Darragh, founder and CEO of PrintReleaf. “It is unreasonable to think we can completely eliminate the need for paper. Rather, we are providing a solution that minimizes the negative impacts of paper usage.”

The program is being provided at no cost to the district by Copying Concepts, the District’s current copier lease and maintenance vendor. According to Copying Concepts, the Wentzville School District will be the largest district in the state utilizing PrintReleaf.

Founded in 2011, the PrintReleaf Exchange (PRX) is the first technology platform that measures a customer’s forest consumption and connects them directly to reforestation projects. For more information, visit

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