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Wentzville School District seniors awarded more than $134K in scholarships

Scholarship recipient

The Wentzville School District Class of 2018 has been awarded over $134,000 worth of local scholarships during Senior Honors Convocation events.

“Our high school Honors Convocations are a tremendous source of pride not just for our families and the District, but for our entire community,” said Superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain. “These students are exceptionally talented and have worked very hard to reach this point, and how fortunate we are to live in an area where so many people are eager to support them in their goals and dreams for the future.”

These deserving students from Holt, Liberty, and Timberland High Schools will be receiving their diplomas on June 3 before they continue on with their post-secondary education. Individual amounts of these awards range from $250 to $4,000.

  • Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship: Paige Eller (Holt), Emma Ingle (Liberty), Anna Sanderson (Timberland)
  • Ambassadors of Lake Saint Louis: Elizabeth Rhodes and Olivia Crowell (Timberland)
  • Andrew Norton Memorial Spirit Award Scholarship: Abby Merrill (Timberland)
  • BCA Scholarship: Fletcher Ferguson (Holt)
  • City of Wentzville Water Department Scholarship: Emily Griesenauer (Holt), Juhaina Aarda (Liberty), Cassidee Wakefield (Timberland)
  • Daniel C. Berrey Memorial Scholarships: Blair Valdes and Spencer Bogan (Holt)
  • Dean Hoekel Memorial Scholarship: Andrew Burns and Maxwell Worth (Holt)
  • Fort Zumwalt Education Association – Member’s Child Scholarship: Katherine Matney (Holt)
  • Hannah Quirk Memorial Scholarship: Amy Carnahan (Liberty), Isabel Ives (Timberland)
  • Holt High School Football Booster Scholarships: Gabriel Wargowsky and Tevon Isaiah Kwon
  • Holt High School National Honor Society Scholarship: Abigail Hunt and Megan Costello
  • Holt High School Principal’s Scholarships: Madison Steiner and Benjamin Goldstein
  • Holt High School Student Council Leadership Scholarship: Kaitlynne Woodward
  • International Association of Approved Basketball Officials of Greater St. Louis: Kaylee Young (Holt), Addison Haynes (Liberty), Erin Hill (Liberty)
  • Lake Saint Louis Mothers Club Scholarship: Erin Hill (Liberty)
  • Lake Saint Louis University Women Scholarships: Megan Costello (Holt), Alexis Guffey (Liberty), Amanda Vannierop (Timberland)
  • Lake Saint Louis VFW Post 10350 Scholarships: Amber Dreisewerd (Holt), Anna Sanderson (Timberland)
  • Liberty High School National Honor Society Scholarship: Julia Wolz
  • Liberty High School Principal’s Scholarship: Seth Kemerer and Eleanor McCrary
  • Liberty High School Student Council Scholarships: Makayla Braile and Morgan Metcalf
  • Missouri Association of Business Officials (MoASBO) Scholarship Award: Hunter Jurotich (Holt)
  • Missouri Bank Scholarship: Jessica Rothenberger (Holt), Mitchell Burnette (Timberland)
  • Missouri State Teachers Association-Wentzville CTA Scholarship: Anna Sanderson (Timberland)
  • PEO Star Scholarship: Amanda Vannierop (Timberland)
  • People’s Savings Bank Scholarship: Cheyenne Doss (Liberty)
  • Robert N. Thompson Scholarship – Kiwanis of West St. Charles County: Drashti Topiwala (Holt) and Paige Eller (Holt)
  • Samantha Sheddrick Memorial Scholarship: Caroline Lemen (Timberland)
  • Scott Swofford Memorial Scholarships: Rylee Bunner (Holt), Luke Williams (Holt), Kaylee Young (Holt), Gabriel Wargowsky (Holt), Addison Haynes (Liberty), Bennett Williams (Liberty), Chase Harmon (Timberland), Caroline Lemen (Timberland), Isabella Rainey (Timberland), Megan Rolwes (Timberland)
  • Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship: Abigail Hunt (Holt), Daryn Adler (Liberty), Hayden Mills (Timberland)
  • SSM- Wentzville Foundation Scholarship: Audrianna Doyle (Holt), Kennedy Hennessy (Liberty), Maya Brenningmeyer (Timberland)
  • Tammy Stratman Brown Charities Scholarships: Kayla Elaine Hicks (Holt), Drashti Topiwala (Holt), Grace Merritt (Liberty), Connor Low (Liberty)
  • Timberland High School Booster Club Scholarships: Mitchell Burnette, Hayden Mills, Alex Gubera, Amanda Vannierop
  • Timberland High School National Honor Society Scholarships: Oliva Crowell, Madeline Est
  • Timberland High School Principal’s Scholarships: Payton Campion, Samantha Lammert
  • Timberland High School Student Council Scholarships: Caroline Lemen, Christine Crowell
  • Wentzville American Legion – Auxiliary Unit 323 Scholarship: Kaylee Young (Holt), Grace Merritt (Liberty), Anna Palm (Timberland)
  • Wentzville American Legion – Auxiliary Unit 323 – Aaron Austin Memorial Scholarship: Brody Beltz (Holt)
  • Wentzville American Legion Post 323 Scholarship: Alexander Gervais (Holt), Brady Adam (Holt), Alexis Garrett (Holt), Taylor McGill (Holt), Sydney Dickherber (Holt)
  • Wentzville American Legion Post 323 – Technical School Scholarship: Clint Joseph Moorman (Holt)
  • Wentzville Community Club – Florence Heine Scholarships: Kayla Tow (Holt), Nicole Griesenauer (Holt), Andrea Detterman (Liberty), Collin York (Liberty), Abigail Merrill (Timberland), Katheryn Swantner (Timberland)
  • Wentzville Community Club – Florence Heine Technical/Vocational School Scholarships: Dalton Stude (Holt), Lucas Sproull (Liberty), Jacob Mann (Timberland)
  • Wentzville – Lake Saint Louis Optimist Club Scholarship: Dylan Altura Vermeire (Holt), Amanda Vannierop (Timberland)
  • Wentzville Lion’s Club – Sharon Garrett Memorial Scholarship: Kristen Vogt (Holt)
  • Wentzville National Education Association (NEA) Scholarship: Kaylee Young (Holt), Seth Kemerer (Liberty), Anna Sanderson (Timberland)
  • Wentzville Rotary Club Scholarship: Kaitlynne Woodward (Holt), Madison May (Liberty), Zachary Herrold (Timberland)
  • Wentzville Rotary Club-Vocational and Technical Scholarship: Dalton Stude (Holt), Lucas Sproull (Liberty), Thomas Vohsen (Timberland)
  • Wentzville Schools Foundation-Rosa Westermeier Memorial Scholarships: Hannah Berendzen (Holt), Mackenzi Heisserer (Holt), Fletcher Ferguson (Holt), Quinten Zak (Holt), Christian Hunn (Holt), Abigail Hankins (Liberty), Austin Beckhardt (Liberty), Reagan Hartenberger (Liberty), Casey Kemerer (Liberty), Danielle Kunz (Liberty), Madelyn Warren (Timberland), Hadley Poole (Timberland), Nicholas Ellefson (Timberland), Tori Smith (Timberland), Katherine Lucas (Timberland)

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