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Wentzville School District purchases 31 acres for $1.4 million; New elementary school planned

Site of new WSD elementary school

The Wentzville School District has announced the purchase of 31 acres on Interstate Drive near South Point Prairie, where the District will soon start construction on a new elementary school. “This will be a great location for our next building,” said Superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain. “As our enrollment continues to grow, we are increasingly grateful for the support of our community and stakeholders. This new school would not be possible without that support.” The WSD continues to be the fastest growing district in the state, adding on an average of over 500 new students each year since 2000.

The purchase price of the property was $1,405,530 and the appraised value is $1,517,000 according to The Westover Group in St. Peters, Missouri.

“We are very pleased with the purchase price, given the appraisal and the location of the property,” said WSD CFO Pam Frazier. This site will be the location for the 13th elementary school in the Wentzville School District, and the 12th school built in the WSD since 2000.

The new elementary school is just one of the Proposition E projects approved by voters last April which resulted in $125 million in revenue without increasing the tax rate. Additional projects include a new high school, additions at Peine Ridge Elementary, Barfield Early Childhood Special Education Center, and Pearce Hall, as well as a new gymnasium at Holt High School.

The District is in the process of forming a Boundary Committee made up of parents, staff, and community members to help determine the new attendance areas for WSD schools. The tentative timeline calls for a recommendation to the Board of Education in December for new boundaries that will go into effect when the school opens in the 2020-2021 school year.

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  1. Those of us who live in the Wentzville school district thanks to the new tax increases saw our real estate tax double, personal property tax go up 3% yearly, and sales tax increase 2%. The school district keeps getting in trouble for not helping disabled students unless the school is threatened with lawsuits and Mon profits or parents posting blogs. They do nothing about students getting bullied including a middle school trying to stab another one on the bus, they turn a blind eye to girls being groped and sexually harassed, and parents have started to complain about how teachers are wearing Yoga pants that go up their rear wear extremely short miniskirts, and extremely revealing low cut shirts. People don’t know where the money is going or why, but taxes keep going up, and they build another school when the others are fine, they found lead in some drinking water, a high schooler brought a gun to school they evacuated the school and put the area on lock down and didn’t tell parents. The parents were finding our from their kids texting them. Hell they had to have police and attorneys contact them to get a couple disabled boys from getting bullied, and that has been an issue in the past. Hell their summer school might be getting discredited retro active because they were having the lady over the before and after school program do it all.

    This school district used to be good, but is now getting horrible quickly. Ask parents about it’s a 50/50 with people agreeing and disagreeing.i personal had to get attorneys involved because they were following either of my special needs son’s 504 and IEP let alone a color blind d autistic child who has anxiety get bullied regularly, and didn’t nothing. I know several people who’ve moved out of the district due to their kids getting bullied and the school doing nothing or not following IEP.

    Here it gets even worse a co-worker was killed in am auto accident her 13 year old was in the car, and barely survived. Ended up having to have intestines removed, pins put in his hands, and legs, and all kinds of stuff. The hospital sent nurses with him so he could go to his mother’s funeral. The Wentzville school district started calling his dad going off on him, and sending letters to him stating if his son didn’t return to school immediately they were calling family services when they knew he was in an accident, had been critically injured, and hisother was killed. They’re all about the money.

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