Wentzville School District Parents to Receive Automated Calls, Emails, Texts for Absences

The Wentzville School District has begun utilizing its new mass communication system to send automated attendance calls.

Parents will receive the call in the morning if their child is absent and a parent has not called in to report the absence. An evening call will also go out if the school has still not heard from a parent to excuse the absence by the end of the school day. Parents will receive an email and text as well as the call.

In the past, these calls have been handled by staff members, said Mary LaPak, the district’s Director of Communications.

As with negative lunch balance calls and general reminder calls, parents have the option of setting their message delivery preferences by contacting the Community Relations Department at (636) 327-3800 ext. 20357 or emailing kathleendelaquil@wsdr4.org.