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Wentzville School District musicians excel at state solo and ensemble festival

Holt band gold ratings

Holt, Liberty, and Timberland’s top musicians competed in the MSHSAA State Solo and Ensemble Festival, which was held virtually in March this year due to the pandemic. WSD musicians, singers, and ensembles earned 44 gold, 55 silver, and 12 bronze ratings. These students earned their spot at the state festival by qualifying in the District competition held earlier this year.

Congratulations to the following musicians who received a gold rating:


Flute – Trinity Harris

Flute – Anna Hermann

Clarinet – Sean Morlock

Clarinet – Alexandra Snell

Alto Saxophone – Lauryn Budde

Alto Saxophone – Megan Steber

Euphonium – Kaela Baker

Tuba – Dominique Burgette

Tuba – Bryce Herin

Flute Trio – Tyler Miller, Trinity Harris, Courtney Thake

Clarinet Trio – Sean Morlock, Adison Mosher, Brandon Andell

Saxophone Trio – Lauryn Budde, Caleb Gee, Blake Fink

Saxophone Trio – Victoria Hammock, Kameron Trimble, Natalie Liss

Saxophone Quartet – Megan Steber, Debra Witte, Andrew Frecks, Caleb Gee

The Concert Mens Ensemble – Kolby Bryant, Boston Dudley, Donavan Harwood, Colin Kehoe, Brendan Todaro, Noah VanGundy, Aden Hicks, Theo Hanson

Vocal Solo – Chloe Bryan

Vocal Solo – Theo Hanson

Vocal Solo – Aden Hicks

Vocal Solo – Raegan Huitt

Vocal Solo – Izzy Jennings



SSA Trio – Emily Grant, Michelle Yoder, Alyssa Place

Vocal Solo – Emily Grant

Vocal Solo – Anna Wright

Vocal Solo – Michelle Yoder

Vocal Solo – Cassie Tarrant



Flute – Sydney Hayton

Marimba – John Hess

Snare Drum – Brian Dotson

Snare Drum – Logan Herren

Violin – Kaya McNurlen

Flute Trio – Sydney Hayton, Maddison Foster, Addison Schulte

Clarinet Trio – Madeline Hellman, Kaitlyn O’Donnell, Caleb Schoenberg

Percussion Octet – Logan Herren, Jacob Herrold, John Hess, Max Fisher, Isaac Wallgren, Nicholas Wallgren, Taylor Soukup

Vocal Solo – Emma Brown

Vocal Solo – Maille Hanson

Vocal Solo – Emma Tiefenbrunn

Vocal Solo – Leila Wallace

Vocal Solo – Katie Stewart

Vocal Ensemble – Brooke Young, Katie Stewart, Brittany Miller, Anna Edwards, Hannah Stumpf, Emma Tieffenbrunn

Vocal Ensemble – Kassidy Schmidt, Peighton Weber, Destiny Ellsworth, Faith Ray, Grace Henman, Emma Brown

Vocal Ensemble – Addie Taylor, Kenzie Gillham, Emma Curry, Hailey Georgevich, Kacie Hoesli, Tommie Roberts, Leila Wallace, Daniella Ojo

Vocal Ensemble – Mia Stevenson, Maille Hanson, Ava Panhorst, Anna Kimball, Bella Volkman, Tatum Smith

Vocal Ensemble – Matthew Ehlmann, Lucas Roettger, Ethan Zabenco, Katie Stewart, Madelyn Ratcliff, Faith Ray, Paula Powell


Congratulations to the following musicians who received a silver rating:


Clarinet – Brandon Andell

Clarinet – Adison Mosher

Alto Saxophone – Caleb Gee

Tenor Saxophone – Blake Fink

Tenor Saxophone – Andrew Frecks

French Horn – Sydney Cowan

French Horn – Samantha Crouch

French Horn – Macy Steber

Trombone – Katelyn Downey

Trombone – Lila Sverdrup

Marimba – Madison Wieberg

The Chamber Ladies Ensemble – Hailey Ernst, Katie Esswein, Kamryn Evans, Allyson Harwood, Kylie Woodard, Aleah Adams, Camryn Bland, Izzy Jennings

Piano Solo – Colin Kehoe

Vocal Solo – Kolby Bryant

Vocal Solo – Camryn Bland

Vocal Solo – Aiyana Hussong

Vocal Solo – Noah VanGundy



Timpani Solo – Jared Houston

Trumpet Solo – Reece Schmelz

Tenor Saxophone Solo – Shane Wolz

SSA Double Trio – Morgan Feinstein, Lizzie Kayser, Avery Schlattman, Sarah Dickson, Christina O’Mara, Kennedy LeMaster

SSAA Double Quarter – Cassie Tarrant, Emily Grant, Michelle Yoder, Lizzie Kayser, Nora Foeller, Grace Edney, Alyssa Place, Anna Wright

Vocal Solo – Avery Schlattman

Vocal Solo – Mya Waldren

Vocal Solo – Alyssa Place



Flute – Maddison Foster

Clarinet – Huy Nguyen

Clarinet – Kaitlyn O’Donnell

Alto Saxophone – Michelle Angel

Alto Saxophone – Stephen Harrell

Alto Saxophone – Michael Herrold

Trumpet – Faith Flores

Trumpet – Isabella Lutfiyya

Trumpet – Andrew Schulte

Trumpet – Danny Wilson

Horn – Nora Pryor

Horn – Ben VanNierop

Trombone – Grant Cooper

Baritone – Sophia Niedringhaus

Marimba – Noah Drilling

Marimba – Hannah Harmon

Marimba – Carter Simmons

Timpani – Will Cowgill

Multiple Percussion – Jacob Herrold

Clarinet Quartet – Samantha Bruce, Clayton Hechler, Huy Nguyen, Michelle Angel

Mixed Woodwind Quintet – Sydney Hayton, Maddie Hellman, Kaitlyn O’Donnell, Taylor Brake, Nora Pryor

Trumpet Trio – Michael Mischkot, Faith Flores, Madyson Barnes

Mixed Brass Trio – Grant Cooper, Sophia Niedringhaus, Brian Dotson

Mixed Brass Quartet – Cooper Schulz, Sean Yates, Ben VanNierop, Grant Cooper

Percussion Trio – Jacob Herrold, Isabel Antonio, John Hess

Percussion Ensemble – Logan Herren, Isaac Wallgren, Carl Graham, Ian Slade, Addie Plumb, Nicole Brake

Percussion Ensemble – Hannah Harmon, Noah Drilling, Carter Simmons, Will Cowgill, Nolan Pellegrini, Ava Sanker

Vocal Solo – Anna Edwards

Vocal Solo – Anna Kimball

Vocal Solo – Ethan Zabenco


Please visit the District website to view the full list of gold, silver, and bronze rated musicians, singers, and ensembles of the WSD.

Timberland choir

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