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Wentzville School District Honors Support Staff

Green Tree Elementary Custodian Leah Brandt
Green Tree Elementary Custodian Leah Brandt

The Wentzville School District announced the following building winners for Support Staff Employees of the Year.

  • Laura Abegg, Nurse at Barfield ECSC/PAT
  • Debbie Apple, Custodian at Boone Trail Elementary
  • Melanie Willis, Administrative Secretary at Central Office/Technology/Harris/Pearce Hall
  • Cindy Berry, Paraprofessional at Crossroads Elementary
  • Jeanette Ventimiglia, Instructional Assistant at Discovery Ridge Elementary
  • Takako Kekeisen, SPED Instructional Assistant at Duello Elementary
  • Linda Pupillo, Instructional Assistant at Frontier Middle School
Green Tree Elementary Custodian Leah Brandt
Green Tree Elementary Custodian Leah Brandt


  • Leah Brandt, Custodian at Green Tree Elementary
  • Tracy Metzler, Paraprofessional at Heritage Intermediate School
  • Robbin Robinson, Principal Secretary at Heritage Primary School
  • Donna Paterson, Financial Secretary at Holt High School
  • Megan Malay, Instructional Assistant at Lakeview Elementary
  • Luther Morris Jr., Custodian at Liberty High School
  • Arje’ Crawford, Nurse at Peine Ridge Elementary
  • Larry Miller, Custodian Building Supervisor at Prairie View Elementary
  • Ashley Fleece, Instructional Assistant at South Middle School
  • Michael Heppermann, Sr., Delivery Specialist at Support Services
  • Janelle Weicht, Financial Secretary at Timberland High School
  • Clark Allers, Bus Driver, Transportation Department
  • Katie Buxton, Division Secretary at Wentzville Middle School

“It is the support staff employees who drive our buses, prepare the food, clean our schools, and do scores of other jobs that help support the educational efforts of the District. Our support staff employees often labor behind the scenes, but their hard work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated,” the district said in a press release.

The building winners are now eligible for the District Support Staff Employee of the Year Award, announced during the annual District Awards Banquet in May.

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