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Wentzville School District 2017 Support Staff Awards

Cheryl Trembley
Cheryl Trembley, Lakeview Support Staff Employee of the Year 2017

The Wentzville School District is proud to recognize all of the hard working support staff employees who go above and beyond for our students and our District.

It is the support staff employees who drive our buses, prepare the food, clean our schools, and do scores of other jobs that help support the educational efforts of the District.

Our support staff employees often labor behind the scenes, but their hard work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Every year each building in the District selects their own “Support Staff Employee of the Year,” and the building winners are eligible for the District Support Staff Employee of the Year Award, announced during the annual District Awards Banquet in May.

2017 WSD Support Staff Employees of the Year

  • Barfield ECSC/Parents as Teachers – Diane Witthaus, Instructional Assistant
  • Boone Trail Elementary – Kathy Zytko, Principal Secretary
  • Central Office/Technology/Harris – Laura Jurotich, Payroll Specialist
  • Crossroads Elementary – Denise Clark, Library Assistant
  • Discovery Ridge Elementary – Debbie Sethaler, Division Secretary
  • Duello Elementary – Amy Corona, Nurse
  • Frontier Middle – Tracy Cleveland, Library Assistant
  • Green Tree Elementary – Julie Smith, Paraprofessional
  • Heritage Intermediate – Jeanna O’Leary, Principal Secretary
  • Heritage Primary – Kristin Roberts, Instructional Assistant
  • Holt High School – Mary Sanzottera, Cafeteria Manager
  • Lakeview Elementary – Cheryl Trembley, Paraprofessional
  • Liberty High School – Deborah Wilke, Activities Secretary
  • Mind Development Center – Marcilene Beale, Instructional Assistant
  • Pearce Hall – Marie Huellewig, Administrative Secretary
  • Peine Ridge Elementary – Lavonne Dairda, Custodian
  • Prairie View Elementary – Wendy Reichle, Lead Cashier
  • South Middle – Andrea Manley, Instructional Assistant
  • Support Services – Randy Honkey, Skilled Maintenance
  • Timberland High School – Judi Puder, Instructional Assistant
  • Transportation – Ruth Christopher, Bus Aide
  • Wentzville Middle – Kathy Hastie, Custodian

The eligible positions for Support Staff Employee of the Year include Bus Driver/Aide, Chautauqua Employee, Custodian, Food Service Employee, Instructional Assistant, Library Assistant, Maintenance Employee, Mechanic, Nurse, Nurse Assistant, Secretarial, Security Guard, Paraprofessional and Technology Employee.

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