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Wentzville recycling event set for August 17 at Holt High

Electronics Recycling Wentzville

Do you have electronic waste – old phones, broken laptops, worn out power tools? You can recycle them all during the City’s Electronics Recycling Event scheduled for Saturday, August 17 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Acceptable items can be taken to our NEW event location, Wentzville’s Holt High School, which is located at 600 Campus Dr. 

This drive-thru and drop-off event is for Wentzville residents and is open to individuals and families, no businesses please. Items accepted at no charge include printers and keyboards, laptops, hard drives, cell phones, VCRs and DVD players, power tools, kitchen appliances, and much more.

Some items, including TVs and items containing Freon, will incur a fee. Please note, certain electronics will not be accepted, including any kind of liquid, light bulbs or hazardous materials. To see a full list of accepted (and not accepted items), please visit

Aside from keeping electronic waste out of our landfills, electronics recycling helps conserve our natural resources and save money. Help us keep our local landfills free of electronic waste and join us for our August electronics recycling event. Please note: There will be no secure document shredding at this event; however, a second event is planned for November 23, which will include document shredding.

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