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Wentzville Planning & Zoning gives nod to plan for Freddy’s Steakburgers and Frozen Custard

Freddy's Steakburgers concept

The Wentzville Planning and Zoning Commission gave its blessing to plans for a Freddy’s Steakburgers and Frozen Custard at its meeting Tuesday night.

If the Board of Alderman approves the conditional use permit, the fast-food restaurant, which will include a two-lane drive-through, will be built on 2.32 acres on the northeast corner of Great Oaks Boulevard and Wentzville Parkway.

The restaurant will be part of a 9,310 square foot multi-tenant retail center. Access to the property will be from Great Oaks Boulevard. A sidewalk is planned for pedestrian access.

The Commission had concerns about screening between Freddy’s and the neighboring subdivision, but were assured that plans for screening were in place and that another building being planned to the north of Freddy’s would act as a visual barrier. During the public hearing, several residents spoke up with concerns about the placement of a fast-food restaurant so close to a residential neighborhood, and with drive-thru traffic potentially backing up on Great Oaks Boulevard.


  1. Planning and Zoning can only approve our determine whether it’s a good thing for Wentzville. It’s the few dysfunctional board members that screw it up.

  2. One more unhealthy fast food, do any board members have a brain.
    Wildwood has a variety of small businesses with a variety of foods. We need a bakery w coffee shop that has better coffee than2 we have now.
    We will be O Fallon with closing restaurants all over empty. Makes city look so bad.
    Let’s be creative stop helping the big guy w tax credits and put more into small business owners.

  3. Please talk with Five Guys about installing the first better-burger chain restaurant in the wentzville area, it will go great in the new Wentzville Bend!

  4. ANOTHER burger & frozen custard place? Wentzville already has multiples of both. More support of chains and less to small business owners? How about courting some Mediterranian or other authentic ethnic food or plant-based fare? Expanding our variety will ultimately attract more people to Wentzville and keep more Wentzville residents from leaving town to find healthier food choices. The nutritional value in all these high saturated fat/salt/processed carb offerings we have now is toxic. Perhaps the long term health of our residents could become as high a priority as profit?

  5. I am sure that Wentzville would approve of your own plans if you wish to put forth the effort and $$ to open a healthier alternative. Stopping a business from opening, is not what Wentzville wants to do.

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