Wentzville Mayor Rescinds Veto; Fireworks Allowed for 5 Hours on July 4th


Wentzville Mayor Nick Guccione rescinded his veto of the city’s new fireworks bill Wednesday night, allowing the new five-hour window of legal fireworks use to stand.

“I believe fireworks pose a real concern, but in the spirit of compromise, I will rescind my veto so we can truly get a measure of the way our residents feel,” Guccione said.

He went on to say, however, that it would be a one-year trial, and that the city would try to get a more accurate reaction through a survey in the city’s printed newsletter sometime after the holiday.

The board approved the bill opening a five-hour window for personal fireworks on the Fourth of July at their previous meeting. The board, along with the city police department, promised an extensive education and awareness program so that residents would be aware of the limits.

Police plan to be even stricter with their enforcement outside the five-hour window.