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Wentzville Man Charged with Kidnapping, Armed Criminal Action

Brian M Aynes

A 46-year-old Wentzville man has been charged with second degree kidnapping, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a weapon in a January 8 incident in Wentzville.

According to court documents, the victim picked up the suspect, Brian M. Aynes, from Aynes’ home in Wentzville late on Saturday, January 7, and the two went to an apartment on Park Lane.

There, police say, the two injected methamphetamine and Aynes began “to exhibit paranoia behavior.” Aynes moved furniture and blocked the doorway while holding a knife and a hammer and preventing the victim from leaving.

Once on the scene, police tried to communicate with Aynes through a window, but he would not answer.  At 6:25 a.m. on January 8, Aynes threw a candle holder through a window, which shattered the window and the windshield of a vehicle parked outside. Other items were thrown, and the police heard screaming inside. Fearing for the victim’s safety, police entered the apartment and took Aynes into custody.

Aynes was charged with kidnapping, armed criminal action, and exhibiting a weapon. Bond was set at $80,000, 10 percent not authorized.


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