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Wentzville Board of Aldermen says no to Menards at Wentzville Bend development

The first reading of a proposal for the construction of a Menards store in Wentzville failed to win approval at the November 4 Board of Aldermen meeting.

The Menards site plan had received the blessing of the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission, but several aldermen expressed their concerns about the addition of another big-box home improvement store.

Ward 2 alderman Tricia Byrnes was the most outspoken of the aldermen, mentioning that Menards had walked away from a previous iteration of the project several years ago. Menards spokesman Tyler Edwards said that several factors were involved in that decision, including the cost of developing the site. Instead, the site became a CID (Community Improvement District) and a one-cent sales tax was levied on many of the neighboring businesses along Wentzville Parkway to fund the project.

“Ultimately, the grading and preparation . . . was paid for by our residents,” Byrnes said.

A representative from THF, the developers of the project, said that the original plan had included “a mix of various tenants.” No tenants had been signed to the project, though, and when COVID hit, retailers like Fresh Thyme Market were no longer interested in opening new stores.

“COVID did not shut down retail,” Byrnes said. “Multiple tenants would have offered more flexibility.” She said that if Menards was to go out of business, the development would be stuck with a huge building with limited prospects.

Alderman Matt Swanson expressed the concerns of many residents that another big box store would cause more traffic problems and congestion on Wentzville Parkway.

Alderman Bryan Harr said that he didn’t think Menards was the right fit for the development. “We’re here because the deal was altered,” he said. Harr continued to support the development as a whole. “The public benefit was, and still is, immense,” he said, referring to the community center that will be a large part of the development.

The first reading of the proposal failed to win approval, with five aldermen voting nay.


  1. VERY DISAPPOINTED that Menards was not approved. I love shopping at Menards because of the variety they carry that Lowes and Home Depot do not. If building a Menards on Wentzville Parkway is an issue because of increased traffic, how about the possibility of building somewhere else in the vicinity of Wentzville. With all the new home subdivisions Wentzville aldermen have been approving, I would think that Wentzville would welcome AND NEED more home improvement stores. I was SOOOOOO looking forward to having a Menards close by and not having to drive to St Peter’s Menards. But I guess for now, my tax dollars will continue to be spent at the Menards in St Peter’s.

  2. It makes no sense putting another home supply business in Wentzville. Lowes and Home Depot already fight for customers. If a Menards is put in Wentzville one of the major box stores will not make it. Not enough people for 3 stores. If this happens we will have a very large empty building on Wentzville parkway. Right along the most traveled road in Wentzville.

  3. They are worried about traffic and conjestion on the Parkway but are letting or considering a three hundred something residential unit to be built? Talk about your conjestion, come on people have some common sense!

  4. I agree with the nay. Loew’s and Home Depot need our support. Menards throws price without service.
    They like Fresh Tyme are not welcomed.

  5. I agree with the No vote.
    Try to keep it classy and desirable to small businesses, not another THF glob of junk stores like in Chesterfield. The new Dollar store is bad enough.

  6. Pathetic group..competition is what is needed. So the alderpeople have just cut their own throats since the very person who has made Wentzville a deal on their Rec Plex property has been denied commerce. Swanson what about the new subdivision with 200+ homes on the North side of the parkway..You definitely are not the right person for this spot on the board, very toxic unless there’s money involved.

  7. Keep in mind that if Menard’s and Fresh Thyme are kept out, we will go to other cities where they are located and spend our money there instead of keeping the money in Wentzville.

  8. Competition is good for companies. We drive to St Peters & give them our money as they have different chouces.
    Why is Fresh Thyme
    Being nixed???? We need better fruits + vegetables choices out here!!!!!

  9. Menards has a much wider assortment of merchandise that Lowes or Home Depot but if they were to open, one of the other two would certainly close as they are already competing for each other’s business, and leave a giant empty store on the parkway. The same thing happened in the Saint Ann area and the Lowes ended up closing leaving Menards and Home Depot. I will drive to the St. Peters Menards store when I need something unusual that the other two don’t carry. Better fruits and vegetables are needed in Wentzville as the existing choices are less than optimal. A Red Lobster restaurant would be good as well.

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