Wentzville Board of Aldermen July 26 Agenda: Funding Festivals, Conflict of Interest

Wentzville Flag

The Wentzville Board of Aldermen will meet on Wednesday, July 26 2017 at Wentzville City Hall. On the agenda for the 6 p.m. meeting, which is open to the public:

  • Presentation on the Unlimited Play accessible playground planned for Heartland Park
  • Public hearing for rezoning of 25.97 acres – applicant requests to table
  • Record plat for Manors at Wilmer Valley Plat Nine – applicant requests to table
  • Final approval of Brookshire Creek amended plan for landscape buffer
  • Final approval of amendment to zoning regulations requiring recycling containers for new multifamily construction
  • Final approval for the record plat of Stonemoor Plat Five
  • Final approval of the rezoning of 4.8 acres and preliminary development plan for the Villas at Quail Ridge
  • Final approval of the final development plan for the Commons at Peruque Hills
  • Consent agenda: minutes, agreement for site plan improvements for Burger King, agreement for site improvement installation for Texas Roadhouse, agreement for a director of IT, agreement for site improvement installation for Stonemoor Phase 1 storm sewers, approval of a project savings reporting policy
  • Final approval of an amendment to the city code about exceptions to prohibited obstructions in the right of way (e.g. basketball goals)
  • Final approval of design criteria for earthwork and trenching
  • Final approval for the acceptance of Logistic Center Drive
  • First reading of an agreement with St. Charles County for funding for West Meyer Road Phase Three
  • First reading of the acceptance of improvements in Brookshire Creek West Plat
  • First reading of the acceptance of improvements in Boulder Ridge
  • First reading of the acceptance of improvements in Sachs Business Park Lot 3
  • First reading of a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest for municipal officials
  • Resolution for a sidewalk and driveway repair policy
  • Discussion of State and Federal improvements
  • Discussion of funding of festivals and special events
  • Discussion of parliamentary procedure

The agenda also allows for public comment time and reports from the aldermen, the mayor, and the city administrator.

You can view a complete agenda or a complete agenda packet with supporting documents on the city’s website.