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Wentzville Board of Aldermen July 24 Work Session: Roads and Parks Projects, Fund Balance

The Wentzville Board of Aldermen is holding an unusual Monday-night work session at 7 p.m. on July 24 to discuss a number of issueds that need to be decided before work begins on next year’s budget.

“It’s more than we could cover in an hour’s time before a regular meeting,” City Administrator David Gipson told 70 West Sentinel. “So we looked for a night that we could get everyone together.”

The following items are on the agenda:

Fund Balances

Fund balances, or end of year reserves, can be thought of as the city’s savings accounts, Gipson told 70 West Sentinel, and is needed for emergencies such as natural or man-made disasters or economic downturns. The city is looking at reducing the Parks reserve from 25 percent to 15 percent.

Pay Structure Changes

The city currently uses a Pay for Performance system, and staff would like to switch to a traditional grade and step system. To achieve that, with a more spread-out 15-step system as opposed to a 10-step, would still cost the city about $586,000 in 2017. The city would continue to require satisfactory employee evaluations, even with a step system in place.

Parks Projects Updates

Discussion to include:

  • Details about the work needed to finish Heartland Park, Peruque Valley Park, and Allen Park (Splash Station)
  • Update on fundraising for the all-inclusive playground at Heartland Park

Roads Project Updates

Discussion to include:

  • One-way streets in downtown Wentzville with a roundabouts at West Pearce and Meyer OR a traffic light at West Pearce and Meyer Road, and a two-way stop at West Pearce and Cheryl Ann
  • Slab replacements for 2017
  • Interchanges at Highway 61/Peine/Highway P and I-70 and Hoeckel Parkway
  • Highway 61 outer road
  • Wentzville Parkway turn lane from Schroeder Creek east to Will Ron Drive
  • Projects on Perry Cate Boulevard
  • Interstate Drive Trail – 10-foot wide asphalt trail on south side of Interstate Drive from Wilmer to Highway Z

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