Wentzville Board of Aldermen April 8 Agenda: New Construction Contracts, Animal Talk Contract

The Wentzville Board of Aldermen will meet at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 8 at City Hall.

On the agenda for the evening’s meeting:

  • Resolutions for contracts for concrete, construction contracting, and security services.
  • A resolution for a contract with Animal Talk Medical Center for animal care services.
  • Final vote on an ordinance for a voluntary annexation
  • Acceptance and dedication of right of ways for West Pearce and Bear Creek Drive intersection, of the May Road right-of-way, of Wentzville South Phase II at Bear Creek, of improvements in the Sam’s Club/Bear Creek area
  • Acceptance and dedication of improvements fir the Wilmer Valley Plat Two subdivision, speed limit and traffic codes
  • Budget changes
  • Applications for St. Charles County Road Board funding for the Wentzville Parkway turn lane
  • A resolution for renewing a contract with Cochran for surveying services
  • City sponsorship for the Blues and Classic Rock Festival
  • A discussion about additional concrete slab replacements

The agenda also allows for public comment time and reports from the aldermen, the mayor, and the city administrator.

You can view a complete agenda or a complete agenda packet with supporting documents on the city’s website.