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Wentzville Assessing Needs for New City Hall; Cost Estimated at $15 Million

Site of new Wentzville city hall

Wentzville city staff outlined a rough budget of $15 million for the new city hall at last week’s board of aldermen meeting.

The board had requested a discussion on the budget and staffers responded with information about recent building projects in other St. Louis-area cities in order to come up with a projected per-square-foot cost.

Of the city projects included, board members felt that Chesterfield’s city hall presented the closest comparison. That facility, which contains 60,000 square feet and includes the police department, serves a city of 47,000. In 2015 dollars, its construction cost would work out at $13.3 million, or about $222 per square feet. That number does not include planning and design.

Wentzville staff set their rough budget for a 60,000 square-foot building at $200 square feet, coming up with a $15 million total estimate–$3 million for planning and design and $12 million for construction.

Alderman Michael Rhoades asked to see additional information, such as a breakdown by city of the size of each department.

When the need for a 60,000-foot facility was questioned, Alderman Robert Hussey said that the city hall at Dardenne Prairie had also been planned for future growth, and that extra space was rented out as a business incubator.

City Administrator Robert Bartolottta said he hoped to have a contract for a construction manager on the April 8 board meeting. The construction manager would help write up RFPs (requests for proposals), coordinate between the architect and the builder, and basically be the city’s representative on the construction site.

“A construction manager will earn his keep very, very quickly,” Bartolotta said.

The board of aldermen voted in October 2014 to build the new city hall on land the city already owns adjacent to the Law Enforcement Center on Wentzville Parkway, citing ease of access and central location.

Site of new Wentzville city hall
The new city hall will be built on land the city owns adjacent to the police department.

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