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Video: Why does Holt High School need a new gym?

Holt High School Gym

(Sponsored by the Wentzville School District.)

Why is a gym at Wentzville’s Holt High School part of Prop E on the April 3 ballot?

Holt High School does not have a second gym like Liberty and Timberland. They have a Multi-Purpose Room that is essentially used as a wrestling room (LHS and THS have dedicated wrestling rooms in addition to second gyms).

The Multi-Purpose Room at Holt cannot be used for games, lacks air conditioning, and the ceilings are too low for winter guard or cheerleaders to use the space. It is also much smaller than the second gym spaces at Liberty and Timberland, as well as the second gym planned for the new high school.

It is time to bring the original Wentzville School District high school up to par with Liberty and Timberland and the potential fourth WSD high school in terms of gym space.

Prop E 2018 is a no-tax increase bond issue on the April 3 ballot which would give the District the ability to borrow funds for a new high school, a new elementary school, a new gym at Holt, and classroom additions at Peine Ridge Elementary, Pearce Hall and Barfield Early Childhood Special Education Center.

More information about Prop E 2018 can be found on the Wentzville School District website.

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