Video: Wentzville School District Students Salute Our Nation’s Veterans

Veterans Day Wentzville School District

Schools in the Wentzville School District held Veterans Day celebrations to salute the brave men and women who are currently serving or who have served in the U.S. armed forces.

Boone Trail, Crossroads, Discovery Ridge, Duello, Green Tree, Heritage, Lakeview, Prairie View, Peine Ridge Elementary, as well as Wentzville Middle, Holt, Liberty and Timberland High all invited veterans to their special activities scheduled in honor of the holiday. Veterans were treated to meals, student performances, slide shows honoring past and present members of the military, and special guest speakers.

At Holt High School, senior AJ Fisher read an essay entitled, “The Hero Right Down the Hallway” which was written by sophomore Alyssa Jones about teacher and coach Ethan Place, recipient of a Silver Star for his actions during combat in Fallujah.

At Liberty High School, Lead Custodian Luther Morris Jr. was the guest speaker and he shared his experience as a marine medic and first responder to the Pentagon on 9-11. He urged students to show respect for those who have served to protect their freedom and to also be respectful of those who may not always agree with your point of view. “That freedom to disagree is what veterans fought for and it’s what makes America special,” he said.

At Timberland, veterans were visibly emotional as they entered the gymnasium to a standing ovation by 1,600 teenage students. Among the vets present at that assembly were five World War II veterans. Junior Alex Thomason delivered an inspiring speech, asking students to reach out and thank a veteran for their service. “The next time you walk or drive by an American flag, I want you to think about the sacrifice that was made trying to get that flag there, because that flag does not fly because the wind is blowing it, it flies with the very last breath of every person who died protecting it.”

In addition to the celebrations, schools held service projects that included making cards for current service members deployed overseas and collecting items for care packages. Schools also organized fundraisers for organizations that serve veterans like the Wounded Warrior Project, and Veterans of Foreign Wars.