Town Hall Meeting Set for January 18 to Explore Home Rule for Wentzville

Wentzville Flag

A charter city is a city that possesses a unique set of laws that forms the legal foundation of its local government. Through adoption of a charter, the citizens of a city have the opportunity to define the powers and functions of elected officials as well as the organization and procedures of local government.

The City of Wentzville is currently a fourth-class city, which exists and is significantly controlled by Missouri statutes. Wentzville has grown to be one of the largest fourth-class cities in the state of Missouri. As a fourth-class city, Wentzville can only engage in activities expressly permitted under the state statutes. Missouri law permits cities that are larger than 5,000 citizens to adopt a charter form of government and the citizens in many larger cities have done so.

Some of the advantages of the home-rule charter are:

  • The reduction of potential legislative interference in city affairs
  •  A charter permits citizens to have a greater voice in the determination of local government policies and thus encourages many more citizens to become interested in and participate in local affairs.
  • A  charter permits citizens to determine the form and administrative organization of their local government.
  • A charter form of government provides greater opportunity for local control regarding local issues.

As Wentzville continues to grow, the Mayor, Board of Aldermen and City staff want to ensure that the form of the City’s government structure is best suited for the City and its citizens. To explore this topic further, a Town Hall Meeting will be held at the Law Enforcement Center (1019 Schroeder Creek Blvd.) at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, January 18. All interested residents are encouraged to attend.