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Timberland Students Plant 1,000 Pinwheels for Peace

Timberland Art Club

Members of the Timberland High School Art Club planted over 1,000 pinwheels around the exterior of their school on September 21 in recognition of International Day of Peace.

Timberland Art Club

The pinwheels were created by Timberland students and staff in conjunction with “Pinwheels for Peace,” a project that was initiated in 2005 by two art teachers in Florida as a way for students to express how they felt about what was going on in the world around them. Timberland art students have participated in the project for the past nine years.

“Students from so many different grades and backgrounds in the district contributed pinwheels to make this project possible,” said Timberland Art Club Vice President Isabelle Stewart. “It really brings everyone together. We hope to add even more pinwheels, and continue celebrating the International Day of Peace for years to come.”

Timberland Art Club students work under the instruction of Fine Arts Department Chair Crystal Wing.


Last year, Pinwheels for Peace organizers estimate over four million pinwheels were displayed world-wide on the same day in multiple countries. “In today’s world, peace needs to be more than just a word,” is the motto shared on the project webpage,

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