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Timberland Students Create Program to Help End Distracted Driving

Timberland 37000 Pledge

Two students from Wentzville’s Timberland High School have designed a program to educate fellow students about safe driving.

Cullen Barr and Quentin Borengasser, on behalf of Timberland’s DECA business club, created the campaign to educate young drivers on techniques used to keep distractions at a minimum and focus on driving.

“It teaches students to stay off their phones, not eat or drink while driving, and to not change their radio and instead stay engaged on the road,” Borengasser said.

The program is named “37,000” for the number of people that die in car accidents every year in the United States.

The pledge that students are asked to sign states:

I, ______________, pledge not to be a distracted driver. I will not text while driving, will always set my mirrors before I leave, adjust my radio to what I want to listen to prior to driving, and not eat and drive. I will always drive attentively. I promise to never mix alcohol or sleep deprivation with driving and I will always buckle my seatbelt to ensure my safety. I pledge to not become one of the 37,000!

So far, 219 students have signed the pledge, Borengasser told 70 West Sentinel.

The students have also created an educational video:


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