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Timberland, Holt Students Win Awards at Tri-County Science and Engineering Fair

Students from the Wentzville School District competed in the high school portion of Missouri’s Tri-County Regional Science and Engineering Fair held at Francis Howell North High School on Saturday March 7.

At the end of the day, eleven Holt and Timberland students received awards. Holt senior Kailey King received an overall First Place for her project “Stability of EPSPS Gene Copy Number and Glyphosate Resistance in Palmer Amaranth” and will advance to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania May 10-15. King was also awarded a Naval Research Award.

Timberland senior Ryan Lappin received overall Second Place for his project “Metal Complexes with Amidinate Ligands” and received a Naval Research Award and a First Place award from the American Chemical Society.

Holt senior Kate Balfany qualified to compete at ISWEEEP, an international environmental science fair held in Houston, Texas May 7-10 with her project “Lattice Coherency in Mechanochemical Preparation of Magnesium and Titanium Metal Hydrides.” Balfany also earned a Second Place award from the American Chemical Society.

The following additional special awards were given:

Holt High School

  • Senior Amelia Stone – Third Place overall, American Chemical Society
  • Senior Katie Orsund – American Meteorological Association Award, American Society for Women Geoscientists Award, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award
  • Senior Ty Doering – Ricoh Americas Sustainability Award
  • Seniors Ben Barr and Kari Leigh Brinkley – American Psychological Association Award
  • Junior April Le – Society for InVitro Biology Award

Timberland High School

  • Seniors Ryan Domalewski and Cassidy Mundwiller – Arizona State University Walton Sustainability Solutions Award
Kaily King
Kailey King (right) with Holt High School Science Chair Jennifer Mallery.

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