Three Teens Rescued After Falling Through Ice on Lake Sainte Louise

Three teenagers fell through the ice of Lake Sainte Louise about 11:30 Monday morning, necessitating a rescue by police and fire personnel.

Captain Chris Digiuseppi of the Lake Saint Louis Police Department told 70 West Sentinel that the three 14-year-old boys ran across the ice of the “little lake.” An employee of the Lake Saint Louis Community Association tried to warn the boys, saw the boys break through the ice and fall into the lake, and called 911.

Digiuseppi said that one of the youths was boosted onto the ice by another and was able to make it to shore on his own. Police were quickly on the scene and used a rope to get a second teen out of the icy water.

The third teen went under and was submerged for 13-15 minutes. A firefighter in a wetsuit was able to locate the boy and bring him out.

The teen “had negative vital signs” after being pulled out, Digiuseppi said. In route to the hospital, however, emergency personnel were able to revive him. He was taken to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

Digiuseppi said that officers occasionally had to warn kids to get off the lakes during the winter, but that there has been no need of ice rescues that he can remember.