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Third Downtown Mural to Commemorate 1861 Battle of Wentzville

Battle of Wentzville Mural Design

Both the Wentzville Downtown Committee and the Wentzville Planning and Zoning Commission have approved plans for a third downtown mural. The mural, which is planned for display at UnKorked Wine Garden, will depict images from a Civil War skirmish that took place near Wentzville.

The mural was designed and will be painted by an inmate at the Northeast Correctional Center in Bowling Green, Missouri, as part of its Restorative Justice Program for community betterment.

Dan Lang, Economic Development Director for the City of Wentzville, told 70 West Sentinel that he learned about the program while serving as the city administrator for the City of Bowling Green. Lang said that the Crossroads Arts Council worked with the artist to combine the elements of several designs that eventually came together in the final design that was submitted to the Downtown Committee.

After the design is approved by the Board of Aldermen, Wentzville’s Economic Development Department will provide the materials to the correctional center. When completed, the finished mural will be sent back to Wentzville, where it will be mounted on the north-facing wall of the UnKorked Wine Garden building.

The Battle of Wentzville took place on July 15, 1861 when six companies of Missouri infantry were attacked on a train west of the city of Wentzville. The troops had stopped in town for dinner. After the surprise attack, they had to return to Wentzville to seek help for their wounded men.


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