The Glory of Missouri: Outstanding Students Honored by State Reps

Missouri State Capitol

State Reps. Bryan Spencer, Bart Korman and Justin Hill are proud to announce the winners of the Glory of Missouri Award for 2017.  The Glory of Missouri Awards were created to recognize students who display virtuous qualities both as students and as citizens. Each student honored represents one of the virtues of good government engraved on the walls of the House Chamber.

 The virtues include knowledge, liberty, equality, law, justice, fraternity, education, progress, honor, truth, virtue, temperance, enterprise and charity.

“As Missouri legislators, we are committed to government with these virtues and want to acknowledge outstanding students who exemplify them in the school as well throughout the community,” said Spencer, R-Wentzville.

“Seeing the quality of students that represents this class of 2017 Glory of Missouri Awards shows me a bright future in Missouri,” added Korman, R-High Hill. “Together, I believe that we can build up our students to unprecedented success.” 

“These students have demonstrated their willingness to better themselves and the community around them,” concluded Hill, R-Lake St. Louis. “It is my hope that the students will continue to pursue excellence in both their studies and community contributions”. 

Students recognized this year include:


  • Amelia Truss, freshman from Wentzville/Homeschool 
  • Grant Herin, senior from Wentzville/Holt
  • Lucy Schnitker, sophomore from Wellsville


  • Ashley Ghannoum, sophomore from Wright City 
  • Landon Uelsmann, eighth grader from Wentzville/Frontier Middle
  • Drew Hall, senior from Warrenton


  • Connor Price, sophomore from Wentzville/Timberland 
  • Carley Zimmerman, senior from Wentzville/Timberland
  • Andrew Voss, sophomore from Liberty Christian Academy


  • Kiara Glass, senior from Wentzville/Holt
  • Sarah Eplett, senior from Wentzville/Liberty
  • Conor James, junior from Wentzville/Holt


  • Austin Stephen, sixth grade, Wentzville/South Middle
  • David Shryock, junior from Wentzville/Holt
  • Joesph Romero, senior from Wright City


  • Abby Thomas, senior from Wright City
  • Megan McCloud, sophomore from Wright City
  • Bianca Foushee, senior from Wentzville/St. Dominic


  • Christopher Kueck, sophomore from Wentzville/Holt
  • MacKenzie Pyatt, freshman from Wentzville/Holt
  • Josh Dames, eighth grader from Liberty Christian Academy


  • Alex Thomason, senior from Wentzville/Timberland  
  • Ryan Pritchard, senior from Wright City
  • Alex Kleinsorge, sophomore from Wellsvillle


  • Josiah Brumagin, freshman from Liberty Christian Academy
  • Sydney Shryock, freshman from Wentzville/Holt
  • Julian Muller-Williams, senior from Wright City


  • Jacob Nagel, junior from Wright City/Homeschool 
  • Jonathan Jay Primeau, freshman from Wentzville/Holt
  • Hannah Shields, freshman from Wright City


  • Nicholas Taylor, senior from Wentzville/Timberland
  • Jordan Rosen, senior from Wright City
  • Heidi Duff, senior from Warrenton/Homeschool


  • Ethan Renkin, junior from  Wentzville/Holt 
  • Kannon Copeland, eighth grader from Wentzville/South Middle
  • Rhianna Meyer, eighth grader from Liberty Christian Academy


  • Brookelyn Kneemiller, freshman from Wentzville/Timberland
  • Mary Anna Hail, junior from Wright City
  • Cameron Oliver, eighth grader from Liberty Christian Academy


  • Clair Truss, senior from Wentzville/Homeschool 
  • Kylynn Pyatt, eighth grader from Wentzville/ Wentville Middle
  • Zoe Pezold, senior from Wright City

Nominations for each of these categories were made by teachers, community leaders, and parents 

Spencer, Korman and Hill are now accepting nominations for the 2018 Glory of Missouri Awards.  Individuals interested in nominating an outstanding student must provide a name, address, category, and 50 words or less regarding how the student represents their characteristic category.  Nominations should be mailed to their representative at Missouri State Capitol, 201 West Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, Missouri, 65101 or by fax at 573-522-0463.  For additional information, please call 573-751-1460.

  • pdso73

    Under Temperance, Ethan Renken’s name is spelled incorrectly (Rankin). I’m very proud of him and the rest of these young people who were singled out for being outstanding students.

    • Tamara Duncan

      Thanks for letting us know. The spelling of Ethan’s name has been corrected. You might want to let them know at, as this is the office that issued the original press release. -Ed.