Suspects in Victoria’s Secret Theft Caught After Vehicle Catches Fire

Lake Saint Louis Police said today that three female suspects who fled Victoria’s Secret with approximately $8,000 in clothing and merchandise were apprehended after their vehicle caught fire in Frontenac.

The three suspects entered the store in the Meadows Shopping Center at about 12:27 p.m. on Wednesday. When they left with the stolen items, police attempted to stop them. The vehicle hit a curb, resulting in a flat tire.

Nevertheless, the suspects continued eastward on Interstate 64.

Frontenac police attempted to stop the suspects, but they refused to stop until the vehicle caught fire at Interstate 64 and Spoede Road, “possibly due to the heat and sparks from riding on the tire rims,” police said.

The three suspects were not injured. They were apprehended by the Frontenac Police Department.

An investigation is ongoing.