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There are just a few ways that a local news website can make money.

We could sell ad space and create a cluttered, hard-to-read website. Or we could install a pay wall, requiring all readers to subscribe before allowing access to our content.

Here at 70 West Sentinel, we don’t want to limit access to the important information our readers are looking for. So we’re asking for help.

We’re asking our readers to subscribe to daily news alerts, which are sent to your email inbox. That way you can quickly glance at an email for links to headlines. If you’d like to support 70 West Sentinel with a voluntary subscription but you don’t want to fill up your inbox, just drop us an email. We appreciate your support!

Set up your subscription by clicking the “Subscribe” button below:


Thank you so much for your support!

We’re aware that situations change and that you may need to cancel your voluntary subscription. If so, please click the button below to unsubscribe:



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