St. Charles County’s Mapping Service Now Mobile-Friendly

SCCMO Mapping Website

Get ready to fire up your tablet and smartphone. St. Charles County’s Information Systems Department’s redesigned online Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Service (which launched in late 2016) is now officially mobile-friendly.
The GIS Mapping Service allows users to research and view a wide variety of map-based data about the community, including:

  • County and municipal boundaries and jurisdictions, roads and other thoroughfares
  • Assessment and parcel data, as well as Google Street Views
  • Voting districts, County Council districts, boundaries for school districts and utility service providers, zoning information, park trails, physical features and topography, and more

To view the site on a mobile device, users enter the same mapping service URL, The mobile site works across all platforms and internet browsers, and features the same tools as the desktop version. The geo-location feature is the only new tool specific to mobile devices.

In addition to the mobile capabilities of the mapping service, Information Systems has a redesigned site for its Geo-Data and Mapping Hub, formerly called the Open Data Portal, which originally launched in late 2016: Along with providing another way to access the GIS Mapping Service, the site houses publicly available geospatial data, maps and applications published by GIS Services. Geospatial data can be searched, browsed and downloaded in several formats, and PDF maps are available for download. Additionally, there are links to other geospatial sites and sources of mapping data. The improved site organizes this information in a more functional and organized format for users, and allows room for future growth.

 “We hope this improvement will encourage more citizens to use the site and discover all its capabilities,” said Mark Duewell, Manager of GIS Services. “The hub will enable us to continually expand our data and maps to the community in an easily accessible platform,” adds Duewell

GIS Services continues to encourage the public and business community to provide feedback about these sites. “We want to make these sites easily accessible and usable for all our citizens,” says Simon Huang, Director of Information Systems. “Ideas and suggestions for improvement are much appreciated.” 

For questions or to provide feedback about St. Charles County’s GIS Mapping Service and Geo-Data and Mapping Hub, email