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St. Charles County ready to begin vaccinating next phase for COVID-19

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St. Charles County is prepared to transition to Phase 1B-Tier 3 of the State of Missouri vaccine distribution plan, County Executive Steve Ehlmann confirmed Tuesday. Governor Mike Parson announced last week that those in that tier, which includes teachers, officials and logistic and support staff in schools, would be added to the list of residents eligible for the COVID vaccine, effective March 15.

“Our Department of Public Health (DPH) staff has been working with private and public school officials to assist them with the pandemic since last summer,” says Ehlmann. “They’ve been meeting at least every two weeks, sometimes more often. We have a good working relationship with all the schools, and are ready, together, to move to this next vaccine tier.”

St. Charles County Public Health Director Demetrius Cianci-Chapman says he approached the school superintendents earlier this year to start planning for vaccinating at the schools. The County already had standing Points of Distribution, or PODS, agreements with five schools for use in emergency situations and will use those locations to vaccinate anyone who works for a private or public school in St. Charles County.

“Our staff will work in conjunction with their staff to hold clinics on Saturdays so as not to disrupt school,” Cianci-Chapman says. “And, we will add additional PODs at businesses and organizations that are critical infrastructure entities outlined in Phase 1B, Tier 3.”

Ehlmann says he is aware there are those in earlier tiers that have not yet received their vaccines. “We want to assure them we will not leave them behind by going to Tier 3. I know it is difficult to wait, but we are following the state’s plan, as we have from the beginning of the pandemic, and will continue to do that in the most fair and equitable way possible.”

St. Charles County Public Health Director Demetrius Cianci-Chapman says his staff is planning closed PODs in facilities where the elderly and compromised individuals live or receive treatment to continue to reach more people in Phase 1B, Tier 2. He says more than 120,000 people signed up on the County’s vaccine registration site.

“We already have vaccinated many of those in Tier 2,” Cianci-Chapman says, “and many have received vaccines elsewhere. Until we get through our registry and hear back from those who no longer want or need a vaccine from us, we won’t have an exact number how many still are left in that tier. We will keep working at it until all residents in St. Charles County who want a vaccine have had that opportunity.”

For more information about vaccination efforts in St. Charles County and to register through DPH, visit


  1. As St. CHARLES County prepares to vaccinate the next level of those who are wanting the vaccine it seems to me that giving the second shot to those of the current phase/tier would be more wish in that it completes their requirement to meeting max protection. The closest place that I can go to is Van Buren, Mo. Come on! Be sensible and practical, that’s almost a three hour drive from here. I GOT MY FIRST SHOT AT THE ARENA IN ST. CHARLES. Now I need to drive that far. Bet our elected seat fillers dont.

  2. My wife and I are 72 and trying to determine where and how to get vaccinated is changeling. St.Charele and MO government has not been there for us.

    • agree, both Ehlmann and Parsons have to be clowns….yes, let us open up for another 100k people when you havent gotten shots to our most vulnerable population yet. I am a staunch Republican, but these goofs should be primaried.

    • Actually Missouri complex strategy is inconsistent to people with underlying health conditions. But I understand the teachers issues also.
      To say that the older population of 65 including older people in there 70-80’s has not happened.
      Very disturbing I’m assuming no-one in this age group matters. Shameful.

  3. As I read this, I’m still waiting for my call for the vaccine. I followed all the rules and added my name to the list… Received the confirmation it was received… And I’ve not heard another word since. I am 66 years old and I know people much younger than I that have gotten the vaccine already. This is all become a great big joke…

  4. People in 1b tier2 cannot find a shot appointment for me or anyone in my family so how can you be moving to the next tier?
    This is the most f’d up process I have ever seen.

  5. I am age mid 70s with breathing & atrial flutter issue, thus is in category phase1 tier1B, live in O’Fallon. I still can’t find place to get vaccination unless I drive 200 miles out of the area?!I’ve registered with the state. One needs to declare race & minority status. Being East Asian which is not minority seems to be the culprit.Dare to correct me?!

  6. Back in the 1950 and 60’s the vaccines for POLIO was handled very well . Why is it being handled in such a hap hazard way now❗ I truly think it’s all political,and that needs to stop and I mean NOW❗ THIS VIRUS got in this country because of the people that were running it back in the beginning of 2020 ❗This buck stop with them❗ The people that are in off ice now are correcting the screw ups deliberately and politically done last year❗ This Missouri State is Still run by many of the same that caused the slow up last year❗ They have caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands ❗ They should be held accountable for each and every death ❗ And never be allowed to run for another office in any other state in these United States ❗❗They won’t do anything to step it up until one of their own has had to be put 6′ under❗

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