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St. Charles County issues new stay-at-home order, with exceptions, starting March 24

St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann today issued new guidance on all St. Charles County residents, requiring them to remain within their residence or on the property surrounding their residence, except to engage in activities they deem necessary to their physical, mental or spiritual well-being, or for employment. Additionally, local retail stores and all other places of public accommodation must communicate social distancing requirements to customers. The restrictions are effective at 12:01 a.m., March 24, as a measure to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“The restrictions do not specify which businesses are essential,” says Ehlmann. “Businesses and residents, not County Government, should determine what is essential. There is no way government can be aware of the unique needs of every individual.

“As this pandemic worsens,” he says, “it is essential that government not get in the way of the essential supply chain that will deliver services and products to fight this pandemic, or in the way of individuals who have medical and other needs.” Ehlmann continued, “Businesses know that for the long-term good, we need to ‘flatten the curve’ and they will determine on their own that they need to close – either because people don’t see them as essential, or for the protection of their employees and customers.”

Ehlmann says, however, that stronger restrictions or mandates may be necessary in the future as COVID-19 continues to spread. “We need to maintain the confidence of our residents as, if this pandemic continues to worsen, County Government will be forced to take even stronger, more intrusive measures to protect people from contagion. We need to keep everyone’s trust in this crucial time.”

The restriction includes all incorporated and unincorporated areas of St. Charles County. Ehlmann stresses that social distancing is crucial. “The county has three positive cases just today that are community-acquired, meaning they are not related to travel,” he says. “We are getting reports that some businesses are doing a great job and others are not. All businesses need to enforce the 6-foot rule.”

Ehlmann said residents who have questions about what services are essential are encouraged to visit the numerous websites available suggesting how that decision could be made. For information and questions about COVID-19 please visit, or call the St. Charles County Department of Public Health Information Hotline at 636-949-1899, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.


    • It’s nobody’s fault. You sound mad at everybody. Nobody likes this. But it has to be done. I’m sorry you’re going through a hard time but you are not alone. There are many many with you

      • Yes ma’am it’s everyone’s loss of a job, customers , family and friends. None of us know where this is going to take us. But with our faith god will get us thru all of this. So grab ahold it could be a long ride.

    • I work in health care. I can imagine it’s fearful to not have a job, but try and find something a little positive about this. You don’t have to be on the frontlines being exposed to sick patients everyday. Apply for unemployment and try not to be so angry.

  1. I agree some business need to do better! So do the people. Besides standing 6 ft.apart people need to not use thier bare hands to pump gas,swipe thier debit card.

  2. People need to use some kind protection so are not using thier bare hands for things such as pumping gas,putting thier debit card number in while paying for things The only store I have seen doing a good job is Costco! I do not understand how fast food is still open as the people cooking cannot go by the 6 ft distance as they are in a small are cooking.

    • How do we know if fast food and carry-out workers are carrying the virus if we are contagious before there are symptoms? We handle money and we dont know if they stay home after their shift.i feel the same way about fast food and take-out. If we can contaminate before we have symptoms and we handle money and merchandise we can be exposed to the virus. Also we dont know if essential workers stay home after their shift is over

    • Since we are not taking this seriously probably 90-120 days. China Has a lot stricter laws about this. Yesterday was 62 days for them and they just now started to see an improvement. However they have again stricter laws go look at the parks tomorrow and see how many people you see taking this serious.

    • Trump said he is planning on weeks, not months. He said it will be too much of a drastic economic crisis if we dont get back to work, etc. He ssid there could be more deaths if we wait too long to try and get back to work .

  3. Don’t stress your tiny little brains about this decision people. Instead, ask yourselves, who stands to gain from our community getting worse? The more infected we become, the more government aide they receive. The aide they receive, the more crumbs fall into their pockets. The answers can almost always be found if we follow the money

  4. It has nothing to do with bare hands. The virus can live on gloves just as well as bare hands. Plus using gloves and masks when your not sick is just taking away from the healthcare workers that need them! Carrying around Lysol or Lysol wipes and sanitizing Everything before you touch and after your finished might do the trick. It drives me nuts seeing people wearing gloves. Unless you are going to change them after single time you touch something different there is no sense in it! The virus does not get soaked in through your skin people. There is so much information out there and so much time to take it in educate yourselves please. Just a few minutes ago on the news they said it is not recommended to wear gloves or masks unless you are sick or personally taking care or someone who is sick.

  5. What is our public official to do? He is already accommodating for the general public’s needs. He is aware of government mandates and he is walking a fine line between a health crisis and the consequences these adjustments are having on the local economy and needs of St.Charles County residents. Stop complaining,

  6. Are people that selfish that they complain of a little sustaining. Do you all want to get sick, spread it to the ones you love, and possibly die? I’m sorry this is going on but they want us to be safe. I’m still up cuz I have to go to store today and I’m nervous and concerned. Stay safe, stay away and please pray.

  7. Please stop going after each other and go after Donald Trump who hasn’t done one thing to help you. He has not closed one thing but he got us at each other’s throat, confused and divided.

  8. You all are being ridiculous I’m 100% glad they are doing this. You just need to wash your hands often and keep your hand out of your face. Once again I am so very glad they are doing this, Some people still dont care though and will cough right in your face. I work at Walmart and they do not do enough to protect us, So maybe now this will force them to do better. I don’t want to go to work because I don’t feel safe there. There’s a video going viral Where a young man States he is positive for Corona virus but says he will not quarantine as they have asked him to. He says “if I got it, then yall gonna get it too, I don’t give a F*** yall “

  9. St. Charles County Executive, Steve Ehlman this is a big ‘nothing burger’. Why don’t you man up and take care of your county. This is so weak, it isn’t worth the paper it is written on. People have died in your county. What will be your magic number of deaths before you take the lead for your county to be safe?

  10. Before you leave home, set some clothes near the washer. When you go out, where some gloves you can wash. If you can, Keep them on for the time you are out. When you return home, go directly to the washer, put your gloves in and all of your cloths–underwear should be fine–in the washer. If you feel you need to, take a shower. At LEAST WASH your hands and face. Rinse your sinuses with salt water.

  11. This article isn’t true.

    “• The order is not a “stay at home” order or a “shelter in place” order. It establishes social distancing requirements for residents and businesses in St. Charles County in incorporated and unincorporated areas.”

    Source is saint charles county’s own website:

    • The article is a press release from St. Charles County Government, word for word. The first sentence of the press release states: “St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann today issued new guidance on all St. Charles County residents, requiring them to remain within their residence or on the property surrounding their residence, except to engage in activities they deem necessary to their physical, mental or spiritual well-being, or for employment.” As editor, I changed the title of the press release (which was originally “St. Charles County Executive Issues Additional COVID-19 Guidance,” as I felt that the title did not aptly describe the information contained in the press release, and written as such, would not encourage citizens to read it. So, “requiring them to remain within their residence or on the property surrounding their residence, except . . . ” was rewritten as “St. Charles County issues new stay-at-home order, with exceptions, starting March 24.” Is it the word “order” that you object to? Because it would seem to me that “requiring” someone to do something would be an order.

      • Your change of title is misleading to the public as it is not a “stay-at-home” order. If it was, people could take off work from non essential jobs in our county without fear of losing their jobs. This is not the case, as businesses are being left to decide what is essential and what is not. The title is manipulative and makes it look like Steve Ehlmann is following like the other states when he is in fact blazing his own trail and refusing to close non-essential businesses.

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