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St. Charles County Food Inspection Scores: The Shack, Great Wall, Yacht Club of St. Louis

Knife Fork and Spoon

The St. Charles County Department of Public Health monitors more than 1,300 food service providers in St. Charles County. (The City of St. Peters conducts its own inspections.) Routine inspections are conducted by specialists with the department for proper food safety procedures and are scored by deducting points from a starting score of 100.

The following acronyms are used in violation information: PHF (Potentially Hazardous Food), TCS (Time/Temperature Control for Safety), FCS (Food-contact Surface), NFC (Non-food contact surface), RTE (Read to Eat).

The following scores were posted within the last week, November 21 – 27 2018.


  • Texas Roadhouse, 15150 Veterans Memorial Parkway – score 100
  • St. Louis Bread Company, 1212 West Pearce Boulevard – score 96

Observed soda dispenser accumulating moisture beneath and on floor resulting in standing water and breeding area for flies. 

Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed soiled inside upper surfaces in ice machine, inside of reach in coolers and below sliding drawers and accumulation of moisture at bottom of short True at drive thru.

Lake Saint Louis

  • Great Wall, 131 Civic Center Drive – score 96

Observed outer opening on bottom of back kitchen door not properly protected from entry of pests. Observed cans of items opened in make table that have not been relocated to food grade containers for long term storage. Discontinue the storage of canned items in opened cans.


  • Soulard Gyro, 1280 Highway K – score 79

Observed no one on site with a Basic Food Protection Certification. For Risk 3 Establishments, when no Certified Food Protection Manager on site at least one person should be Basic Certified. 

During the inspection, hot water was manually turned off at both hand sinks in the kitchen. At the hand sink in the back, no soap or paper towels were provided. At the hand sink in the front, a trashcan and prep table was placed in front of it, making it inaccessible. 

Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt) – Observed dressings in reach in cooler out of their original container as well as other food prepped items such as tomatoes containing no date. 

Food stored on floor or exposed to moisture/contamination 2(pnt) – Observed lettuce in cardboard boxes stored directly on the ground in the walk in cooler and plastic containers in cardboard boxes stored on the ground in the kitchen area. These items should be stored 6 inches off the ground. 

Torn or broken door seals, hinges etc. (poorly maintained or in disrepair) 2(pnt) – Observed gaskets on both the small and large deep freezer torn and hanging off. These should be maintained and replaced. 

Observed no chemical sanitizer feeding through to the mechanical dishwasher during the inspection. Facility must use three compartment sink for washing dishes. 

As noted above, the mechanical dishwasher is not feeding sanitizer, therefore the facility must use the three compartment sink to clean and wash dishes. During the inspection the three compartment sink was full of dirty dishes in each compartment. These compartments must be cleaned out and rinsed individually before using the three compartment.

  • McDonald’s, 101 McDonald Lane – score 81

Improper methods of Time used for temperature control 5, 2(pnt) – Employees not aware of proper time and temperature control on the table. This is a repeat violation. 

Observed sanitizer in multiple buckets measuring at 10 ppm Chlorine. 

Equipment, linens, single service not stored properly 2(pnt) – Observed single service utensils in a cardboard box being stored directly on the floor. These should be at least 6 inches off the ground. 

Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed the inner barrier of the ice machine containing a dark build up along the rim and walls of the machine. This should be cleaned regularly to avoid build up. This is a repeat violation. Observed the inner/upper portion of the microwave containing built up food residue. These should be cleaned regularly to avoid build up. 

Leaking plumbing or plumbing in disrepair 5, 2(pnt) – Observed standing water indicating a leak located underneath the soda machines in the lobby. Also observed items such as soda lids soiled with the water and other trash/debris in the cabinets. These should be thrown away immediately and leak should be repaired. This is a repeat violation.

  • Moudy’s Bar & Grill, 2151 West Terra Lane – score 98
  • Sushi Ai, 2981 Highway K – score 78

Bare hands contact with RTE food 5(pnt) – Observed sushi shef with no gloves on cutting fish and storing it in the casing for sushi.  

PHF?s not held at 41 degrees or below 5(pnt) – Observed food items including onions and carrots in the reach in cooler located next to the soda machine in the kitchen higher than 41 degrees. 

Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt) – Observed items in the walk in cooler and reach in coolers containing no date markings. All ready to eat items should have a date on the container and not pass the 7 day marking. 

Improper methods of Time used for temperature control 5, 2(pnt) – Observed no temperatures taken for the sushi rice. Sushi rice sitting in a container at 105F with no documentation for time as a control. 

Food stored on floor or exposed to moisture/contamination 2(pnt) – Observed food stored on the ground inside of the walk in cooler. This is a repeat violation. Food items should be stored 6 inches or above the ground.

  • El Maguey Mexican Restaurant, 2737 Highway K – score 98
  • The Shack, 2931 Highway K – score 90

PHF?s not held at 41 degrees or below 5(pnt) – During the inspection, eggs were observed on the counter with a temperature of 54F. These were immediately thrown away by the manager. Items should be held at a cold holding temperature of 41 or below. 

Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt) – Observed items in the walk in cooler past the 7 day marking as well as turkey in containers with no date. All ready to eat food items should have proper date markings and not exceed at 7 day marking. This was corrected on site with the manager and cook.

  • Pho-Happy Wok, 2942 Highway K – score 100
  • Golden Corral, 1302 Bramblett Road – score 96

Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed shelving in the dish wash area to have excessive sticky food debris. These should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Observed build up around the cutting/opening area of the can opener. This should be cleaned regularly. Dirty walls, floors or ceilings because of construction or improper installation 2(pnt)

Observed wet flooring in the bakery walk in cooler as well as in the dish area by the main dishwasher. Appears to be a clog in the drain near the dishwasher. Floors should be constantly maintained and cleaned and should not have any build up of water.

  • O’Charley’s, 2204 Highway K – score 98

St. Charles

  • McSmith’s Kitchen & Catering, 3791 New Town Boulevard – score 100
  • Schnuck’s, 1900 First Capitol Drive deli and salad bar – both scored 100
  • AFC Sushi at Schnuck’s, 1900 First Capitol Drive – score 98
  • Penn Station, 1932 Zumbehl Road – score 100
  • Yacht Club of St. Louis, 105 Lake Village Drive – score 100
  • St. Charles County Juvenile Justice Center, 1700 South River Road – score 100


  • Pop a Wheelie on the Katy Trail, 5532 Water Street – score 100

St. Peters

The City of St. Peters also conducts its own inspections through its Food Sanitation Department. Violation details are not available. The following inspection scores are from October 2018:

  • Casa Mia Mexican Kitchen, 235 Jungermann Road Ste. 201 – score 100
  • China Star 38 Harvester Square – score 100
  • Classics II, 6650 Mexico Road – score 96
  • Concession stand Rec Plex South, 5250 Mexico Road – score 98
  • Country Inn & Suites, 3877 Veterans Memorial Parkway – score 100
  • Courtyard by Marriott, 4341 Veterans Memorial Parkway – score 91 (Oct. 2), score 94 (Oct. 16)
  • Derienzo’s Pizza & Pub, 1267 Jungermann Road – score 98
  • Dollar Tree, 955 Jungermann Road – score 100
  • Dollar Tree, 6670 Mexico Road – score 88
  • Doughboy’s Wood Fired Pizza Truck, 6925 Michigan Avenue – score 100
  • Dunkin Donuts, 7343 Mexico Road – score 91

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