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St. Charles County Food Inspection Scores: Imo’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, A Better Pizza


The St. Charles County Department of Public Health monitors more than 1,300 food service providers in St. Charles County. (The City of St. Peters conducts its own inspections.) Routine inspections are conducted by specialists with the department for proper food safety procedures and are scored by deducting points from a starting score of 100.

The following acronyms are used in violation information: PHF (Potentially Hazardous Food), TCS (Time/Temperature Control for Safety), FCS (Food-contact Surface), NFC (Non-food contact surface), RTE (Read to Eat).

The following scores were posted within the last week, September 5 – 12, 2018.


  • IHOP, 10 Layla Lane – score 93

Dirty FCSs 5(pnt) – Observed moisture dripping from cooling lines and air vents in ceiling. Moisture from these lines contaminating food contact surfaces. Food contact surfaces to be protected from contamination until moisture concern can be eliminated. Leaking plumbing or plumbing in disrepair 5, 2(pnt) – Observed leaking fresh water line beneath 3 comp sink.

  • SSM ST. Joseph Hospital, 500 Medical Drive – score 100
  • Wentzville American Legion, 504 Luetkenhaus Boulevard – score 100
  • Wentzville Middle School, 405 Campus Drive – score 100
  • Lone Wolf Saloon, 405 Luetkenhaus Boulevard – score 91

Dirty FCSs 2(pnt). mop storage. Failure to post most recent inspection

  • Tony Glavin Soccer Complex, 2 Woodlands Parkway – score 100

Lake Saint Louis

  • Pinot’s Palette, 10 Meadows Circle Ste. 100 – score 100
  • Arby’s, 909 Robert Raymond Drive – score 100
  • Donatelli’s Bistro, 8653 Highway N – score 100
  • Tumbleweeds, 6127 Ronald Reagan Drive – score 100
  • Pizza Hut, 8649 Highway N – score 100
  • Sonic Drive-Inn, 6325 Ronald Reagan Drive – score 88

PHF?s not held at 135 F° or above. Leaking plumbing or plumbing in disrepair. Under hand washing sink in back, sewage water all over floor. Unnecessary items/clutter and litter. Observed that floors in dishwashing area are dirty

New Melle

  • New Melle Sports and Recreation Center, 4700 Highway Z – score 98
  • Bavarian Smoke Haus, 4695 Highway Z – score 86

Food manager certification not posted, no one present have basic sanitation class. Employees wearing more jewelry than a plain ring, on arms or hands 2(pnt). Dirty walls, floors or ceilings because of construction or improper installation 2(pnt) – Doors to furnace in back room made from unprotected wood and observed spider webs . Last inspection report not posted


  • Imo’s, 2756 Highway K – score 95

Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt) – Observed multiple prepped and ready to eat food items that were not dated. All items out of their original container should be dated and not pass their 7 day marking.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings, 2352 Highway K – score 96

Improper use of warewashing sinks 2(pnt) – Observed compartments of the three compartment sink not designated for their use. Unnecessary items/clutter and litter 2(pnt) – Observed piles of boxes in the back room creating unnecessary clutter and litter. Items should be thrown away immediately after use.

  • Playoffs Sports Bar & Grill, 2922 Highway K, Ste. A – score 96

Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed dark built up residue located on the outer rim in the ice machine. Observed build up residue along the doors of the mens restroom and on the walls inside of the mens restroom. Facility should regularly clean men’s restroom.

  • Twin Chimneys Elementary School, 7396 Twin Chimneys Boulevard – score 100
  • Cracker Barrel, 120 Progress Point Court – score 96


  • Crossroads Elementary School, 7500 Highway N – score 100
  • Progress South Elementary, 201 Knaust Road – score 100
  • St. Louis Bread Company, 1300 Highway K – score 100
  • Petro Mart, 2140 West Terra Lane – score 95

Observed a faint water pressure at the three compartment sink that is unable to adequately fill the sinks for manual washing

  • Boonslick School, 321 Knaust Road – score 100
  • Jack in the Box, 415 South Main Street – follow up, in compliance
  • 212 Club, 204 West Pitman Ste. G – score 100
  • Apple of Your Eye Early Childhood Center, 9295 Mexico Road – score 100
  • A Better Pizza, 2449 Highway K – score 83

Observed no Certified Food Protection Manager on site. This is a repeat violation x2 (No certification observed during inspection on 3/8/2017 or 9/14/2017). Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt) – Observed cooked food items (cooked chicken wings and ground beef) as well as other ready to eat food items that did not have a label or date on them in both the reach in coolers and walk in coolers of the establishment. Sanitizer too strong 5(pnt) – Observed sanitizer strength in both sanitizer bottles in the establishment too high (400+ PPM Quat). This is a repeat violation. Food stored on floor or exposed to moisture/contamination 2(pnt) – Observed a box of mozzarella cheese with other food items stored on top of it directly on the ground. All items should be stored 6 inches off the floor to prevent from contamination . . . During the inspection, there appeared to be no air conditioning in the establishment. Ambient air temperature in the dining room was 83 F. Establishment has 10 business days to correct critical violations found during this inspection.

  • Papa John’s Pizza, 929 Highway K – score 80

Observed no Certified Food Protection Manager on site. This is a repeat violation. Employees not washing hands, properly 5(pnt) – Observed manager on site washing his hands at the hand sink with his gloves on. Gloves were also torn. Sink is blocked or inaccessible 5(pnt) – Observed movable surface counters with a can opener and trash can obstructing the way for employees to wash their hands at the sink. Observed another hand sink that was also obstructed from use from a recent soda delivery. Both sinks at the establishment were not easily accessible for employees to get to to wash their hands. Observed no recent inspection report posted at the establishment during the inspection. This is a repeat violation

  • Imo’s Pizza, 625 North Main Street – score 98


  • Defiance Ridge Vineyards, 2711 Highway 94 South – score 86

No handsink 5(pnt) – In food prep area. Management requested extension of time frame to correct violation. Extension granted till next regular inspection. Observed that majority of freezers are not NSF/ANSI approved. No air gap present 5(pnt) – On food prep sink. Management requested extension of time frame to correct violation. Extension granted till next regular inspection.

  • Augusta Brew Haus, 5521 Water Street – score 98
  • Augusta Elementary School, 5541 Locust Street – score 100

St. Charles

  • Symbowl St. Charles, 1456 Bass Pro Drive – score 98
  • Food Service Consultants at Duchesne High School, 2550 Elm Street – score 100
  • Chartwell’s at Monroe Elementary, 2670 Zumbehl Road – score 100
  • Chartwell’s at St. Charles Senior High West, 3601 Droste Road – score 95


  • Qdoba Mexican Eats, 1315 Bass Pro Drive – score 98
  • Chartwell’s at Blackhurst Elementary, 2000 Elm Street – score 100
  • Duchesne Bar, 1001 South Duchesne Drive – score 100
  • Firehouse Subs, 1365 Bass Pro Drive – score 96

No person in charge with minimum requirement for food safety certification. At minimum, must have 1 person certified to cover all shifts of operation. Certification, at minimum, must be of basic level. Online classes are allowed and could include, but not limited to, or Any classes that are ANSI/NSF approved are allowed. Observed harborage conditions not eliminated to prevent fruit fly like insects in back of kitchen. Consider following recommendations of pest control company of removing boxes that act as transport.

  • Jimmy John’s, 1696 Country Club Plaza – score 96

No person in charge with basic requirements for food safety training certification. Risk 2 facility minimum requirements is for every manager (or person in charge to cover every shift) will have 2-3 year basic food handler training. Online classes are approved as long as ansi/nsf approved. Examples for classes, but not limited to, or the basic food handler class from ServSafe at Found 2017 permit posted. 2018 permit was in back of house and relocated to a public viewing location. Corrected.

  • Composition, 323 North Main Street – score 98
  • Valentis Delicatessen and Market Place, 105 North Main Street – score 93

Sanitizer too strong 5(pnt) – Observed sanitizer spray bottle located in front main production area at levels well above maximum allowed of 400 ppm quat. Mix solution at rate of 200-400 ppm quat. Use test strips to verify this amount. Bottle removed from use. Test strips on hand. Found hot water supply line turned off at handsink in front sandwich production kitchen. Found turned off because water continues to drip when hot water knob turned off. Keep supply line on and correct water knob.

  • Our Savior Lutheran Church, 2800 Elm Street – score 100
  • Sodexo at Francis Howell Junior High, 825 O’Fallon Road – score 100
  • Sugar Creek Winery, 125 Boone Country Lane – score 93
  • El Agave, 3823 Elm Street – score 91

Ready to eat PHFs not dated  – Most of pre prepared TCS food stored in walk in not dated. Torn curtains or leaky door seals on machines. Food prep cooler have torn gasket and Reach over freezer is broken.REPEAT. No audible or visible means for sanitizer on machine. Disconnected and not working

  • Sugarfire Smokehouse, 3150 Elm Point Industrial Drive – score 80

No towels or dryer at sink 5(pnt) – Out side sink . Thermometers missing from hot or cold unit 2(pnt) REPEAT. Observed that dirty trays for food used in smokers are stored outside and by statement of manager washed with power wash outside by rain drain. While they stored they attract flies, During inspection observed 10-20 flies in area . No audible or visible means for sanitizer on machine 5(pnt). Outside containers not stored in enclosure and cleanable area.REPEAT. Damaged floor tiles, holes in walls, missing ceiling tiles 2(pnt) – Floors in: Dish washing area, by fryers and outside by smokers observed to be made from concrete and asphalt and it is deteriorated (not smooth easy cleanable). Current food permit not posted for public view

  • Kinder Care Learning Center, 1900 Zumbehl Road – score 100
  • Adeline’s Kitchen, 800 South Fifth Street – score 100
  • St. John United Church of Christ, 405 South Fifth Street – score 100
  • Taco Bell, 2003 Zumbehl Road – score 100
  • St. Charles Borromeo Cafeteria, 601 North Fourth Street – score 96


  • Shogun Japanese Restaurant, 2057 Zumbehl Road – score 90

Observed no person in charge with 5 year management food safety certification. Observed most recent health inspection not posted.

  • Waffle House, 301 Little Hills Industrial Boulevard – score 94

Torn curtains or leaky door seals on machines 2(pnt) – Observed gaskets on cold holding units torn and in poor repair. Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed shelving in walk in cooler with mold-like growth and soil/debris accumulation. Insufficient lighting 2(pnt) – Observed inadequate lighting in back of house location. Observed light bulb/fixture not operational.

  • Lloyd and Harry’s, 208 North Main Street – score 96
  • 88 China, 2649 Muegge Road – score 100
  • Imo’s Pizza, 3720 Elm Street – score 91

Failure to designate a Person-in-Charge. Hair not restrained REPEAT Facial Hair. Observed that ceiling tiles over food area by air vents are covered with dust

  • Jack in the Box, 3710 Elm Street – score 93

TCS food not held at 41 degrees or below – Lettuce and tomatoes. Torn or broken door seals, hinges etc. (poorly maintained or in disrepair) – Reach under freezer located by fryers


  • St. Joseph Parish Hall, 1375 Motherhead Road – score 98
  • Fastlane, 994 Knaust Road – score 100
  • McDonald’s, 998 Knaust Road – score 100
  • St. Charles Indoor Sports dba Vetta, 1425 St. Peters Cottleville Road – score 100
  • Cottleville Wine Seller, 5314 Highway N – score 96


  • Moe’s Southwest Grill, 6097 Mid Rivers Mall Drive – score 98
  • Salty’s Fresh Mex, 5045 Highway K – score 92

Outer openings unprotected 2(pnt) – OBSERVED FRUIT FLIES IN MOP SINK AREA. Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – OBSERVED STOVE SHELVING SOILED. OBSERVED FLOORING SOILED IN MOP SINK AREA. Coats, purses and other personal items stored improperly 2(pnt) – OBSERVED CELL PHONE STORED ON THE FOOD PREP AREA

Weldon Spring

  • El Rancho Nuevo, 804 O’Fallon Road – score 93


  • Strathalbyn Farms Club, 552 Wolfrum Road – score 98
  • Los 3 Compadres Mexican Restaurant, 1052 Wolfrum Road – score 98

St. Peters

The City of St. Peters conducts its own inspections through its Food Sanitation Department. Violation details are not available. The following inspection scores are from August 2018:

  • Applebee’s, 6170 Mid Rivers Mall Drive – score 100
  • Arabica Coffee, 1600 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Ste. 9016 – score 95 (August 21), score 100 (August 31)
  • Arata Sushi, 3600 South St. Peters Parkway – score 100
  • Arby’s, 6086 Mid Rivers Mall Drive – score 98
  • Aro-Mart, 3755 Highway 94 S – score 100
  • Aunt B’s at Menard’s, 151 Spencer Road – score 100
  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, 1600 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Ste. 2120 – score 100

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