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St. Charles County Food Inspection Scores: Candy City, Sugar Cubed, Kona Ice

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The St. Charles County Department of Public Health monitors more than 1,300 food service providers in St. Charles County. (The City of St. Peters conducts its own inspections.) Routine inspections are conducted by specialists with the department for proper food safety procedures and are scored by deducting points from a starting score of 100.

The following acronyms are used in violation information: PHF (Potentially Hazardous Food), TCS (Time/Temperature Control for Safety), FCS (Food-contact Surface), NFC (Non-food contact surface), RTE (Read to Eat).

The following scores were posted during the week of April 3 – 9, 2019.


  • Kona Ice, 1402 Devonshire County Drive – score 100
  • Tommy Boy’s Bar & Grill, 1229 Wentzville Parkway Ste. 199 – score 96

Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed walk in cooler shelving with accumulation of debris. Observed gas line behind fryer and floors surrounding fryer with accumulation of grease and debris. Clean all areas at increased frequency to prevent build up.

Observed paint on floors in bar and kitchen area non durable.

  • Lion’s Choice, 901 West Pearce Boulevard – score 100
  • Dierberg’s deli, salad bar, seafood, 1820 Wentzville Parkway – all scored 100
  • Rookies Bar & Grill, 15356 Veterans Memorial Parkway – score 100
  • King Edward’s Fried Chicken, 1126 West Pearce Boulevard Ste. 116 – score 100

Lake Saint Louis

  • Family Video, 1820 Lake Saint Louis Boulevard – score 95


  • Wallis Petroleum, 879 Bryan Road – score 93

Sink used for purposes other than hand washing 5(pnt)

  • Mobil on the Run, 4501 Highway K – score 100
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs, 2508 Highway K – follow up

During the follow up inspection, observed hand sinks easily accessible, vent hoods cleaned, last inspection report posted, and an attempt to clean air vents/ceilings. Ceilings should be thoroughly cleaned by next inspection, sanitizer bottles labeled and in appropriate bottles.

  • CVS Pharmacy, 1580 Bryan Road – score 100
  • Midwest Petroleum, 1060 Bryan Road – score 100
  • Timber Creek Grill, 1120 Technology Drive Ste. 108 – score 100
  • Jimmy John’s, 981 Waterbury Falls Drive – score 100
  • Penn Station, 337 Winding Woods Drive – score 87

Observed no Certified Basic Food Handler on site during the inspection. Risk-based 3 facility: At least one MANAGER (on or off duty) shall have a nationally recognized certification for food safety and all other MANAGER(S) shall have attended the Department Basic Food Safety Certification (or a pre-approved substitution).

Food stored on floor or exposed to moisture/contamination 2(pnt) – Observed pools of water from a leak at the bottom of two cold holding units that are in contact with food items. Food items should be removed immediately.

Torn or broken door seals, hinges etc. (poorly maintained or in disrepair) 2(pnt) – (1) Observed torn gaskets throughout the establishment in the kitchen. Equipment must be kept in good repair. This is a repeat violation. (2) Observed leak coming from the casing unit located across from the grill and from the reach in cooler/display unit located directly next to the grill (right hand side). (3) Observed excessive rusted shelves in reach in cooler next to grill area (left hand side). Replace shelving so that it is in good repair.

Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed sticky shelving with excessive food debris on shelving located in the dry storage area. This is a repeat violation for the establishment.

Observed dark debris inside of the ice dispenser of the soda machine located in the lobby. Clean equipment regularly to avoid build up.

Observed the most recent inspection report not posted for the public to see. Corrected on site.

Establishment subject to 8-304.22 PERMIT REVOCATION when failure to correct repeat violations.

  • Schnuck’s deli, seafood, 8660 Veterans Memorial Parkway – both scored 98
  • Schnuck’s retail, salad bar, bakery, 8660 Veterans Memorial Parkway – all scored 100
  • Huck’s Convenience Store, 328 South Main Street – score 89

Observed items on left roller, when facing rollers from front, are holding about 126F. Items should be disposed of and unit should hold food items at 135 F or above after cooking per instructions.

Food stored in prohibited area 2(pnt) – Food related items should not be stored under waste plumbing or other places where exposed to contamination.

Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed inside of ice bin is in need of cleaning to prevent build up.

Leaking plumbing or plumbing in disrepair 5, 2(pnt) – Observed leaky water supply at faucet at retail area hand sink in cafe area

Chemicals should not be stored over dish washing area and pest control chemicals should only be stored according to manufacturers rules. 

St. Charles

  • Bobby T’s One Stop, 2234 North Third Street – score 100
  • Arrow Senior Living at the Boulevard, 3330 Ehlmann Road – score 100
  • Mario’s Donuts & Cafe, 2789 Muegge Road – score 83

Observed no Certified Basic Food Certificate on site during the inspection. This is a repeat violation since 4/17/2017. Please see comments section regarding this violation.

Risk-based 3 facility: At least one MANAGER (on or off duty) shall have a nationally recognized certification for food safety and all other MANAGER(S) shall have attended the Department’s Basic Food Safety Certification (or a pre-approved substitution).

Handwashing signage 2(pnt) – Observed no signage that notifies food employees to wash their hands at any of the hand sinks. Signage must be provided to all hand sinks that food employees use and should be clearly visible.

Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt) – Observed ready to eat food items out of their original containers with no date markings on them. All items out of their original container must have a date marking and not exceed their 7 day marking.

SS articles handled, dispensed or displayed improperly 2(pnt) – Observed single service items such as plastic knives, spoons, and forks facing different directions in the lobby for patrons to obtain. All items must be facing the same direction.

Torn or broken door seals, hinges etc. (poorly maintained or in disrepair) 2(pnt) – (1) Observed torn gaskets on multiple reach in coolers located in the kitchen area. Equipment must be maintained in good condition. (2) Observed build up of ice in freezers in the establishment. Uncovered food items appeared to have ice developing on the surface of the food items. Equipment must be defrosted and cleaned.

Observed mens restroom door not self closing appropriately. This is a repeat violation.

Observed ceiling tiles in the back area made of acoustic material; some ceiling tiles with water damage. Ceilings must be smooth and non-absorbent. This is a repeat violation.

Unshielded bulbs 2(pnt) – Observed unshielded light bulbs in the dry storage area of the establishment.

PERMIT REVOCATION – The ENFORCEMENT OFFICER may revoke or refuse to renew a permit for any repeated or continuing violations of the provisions of this Code. REPEAT VIOLATION FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT HAVING NO CERTIFIED BASIC FOOD SERVICE CERTIFICATION – THE FOLLOWING REPORTS HAVE HAD VIOLATION OF THIS CODE: 10/11/2018, 4/11/2018, 10/10/2017, 4/17/2017.

  • Olde Towne Spice Shoppe, 34 South Main Street – score 100
  • Huck’s Convenience Store, 2875 St. Peters Howell Road – score 98
  • Chartwell’s at Hardin Middle School, 1950 Elm Street – score 100
  • Cork & Rind, 555 First Capitol Drive – score 100
  • Ruler Foods, 2460 West Clay Street – score 93
  • Frontier Health and Rehabilitation, 2840 West Clay Street – score 96

Observed acoustic ceiling tiles in dishwashing area. Ceiling tiles required to be smooth, non absorbent, and easily cleanable in this location. Observed walls damaged under dish tables in dishwashing location.

Observed inadequate light intensity in main kitchen and dishwashing room. Found foot candles at 15-20. Required to be 50 foot candles. Consider LED alternatives.

  • CVS Pharmacy, 2100 First Capitol Drive – score 100
  • Little Hills Wine Shop, 710 South Main Street – score 100
  • Youth in Needs Shelter, 529 Jefferson Street – score 98
  • Sugar Cubed, 917 South Main Street – score 100
  • Club Fitness, 1443 Bass Pro Drive – score 100
  • Ruma’s Deli, 1500 Elm Street – score 100

Dardenne Prairie

  • Youth Activity Park, 7801 Highway N – score 100


  • Augusta Brew House, 5521 Water Street – score 100
  • MPW Inc., 5634 High Street – score 100

St. Peters

The City of St. Peters conducts its own inspections through its Food Sanitation Department. Violation details are not available. The following inspection scores are from February 2019

  • Candy City, 1600 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Ste. 2064 – score 91 (Feb. 1), score 96 (Feb. 11)
  • Chicken Coop, 449 South Church Street – score 95
  • Chick-Fil-A, 6180 Mid Rivers Mall Drive –  score 98
  • Children’s Edu-Care Center, 100 Vantage Drive – score 100
  • China King, 919 Jungermann Road – score 92
  • China Star, 38 Harvester Square – score 96
  • China Wok 88 Restaurant, 309 Mid Rivers Mall Drive – score 98
  • Church of the Shepherd, 1601 Woodstone Drive – score 100
  • Classics II, 6650 Mexico Road – score 100
  • Courtyard by Marriott, 4341 Veterans Memorial Parkway – score 98
  • Crazy Sushi, 3348 Mid Rivers Mall Drive – score 100
  • Derienzo’s Pizza & Pub, 1267 Jungermann Road – score 95 (Feb. 15), score 100 (Feb. 25)
  • Discount Liquor & Smoke, 533 Salt Lick Road – score 100
  • Dollar Tree, 955 Jungermann Road – score 100
  • Fastlane, 1425 Jungs Station Road – score 100
  • Field Box, 4 Main Street – score 98


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