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St. Charles County Food Inspection Scores: Ameristar Casino, Black Bear Diner, Tattooed Dog


The St. Charles County Department of Public Health monitors more than 1,300 food service providers in St. Charles County. (The City of St. Peters conducts its own inspections.) Routine inspections are conducted by specialists with the department for proper food safety procedures and are scored by deducting points from a starting score of 100.

The following acronyms are used in violation information: PHF (Potentially Hazardous Food), TCS (Time/Temperature Control for Safety), FCS (Food-contact Surface), NFC (Non-food contact surface), RTE (Read to Eat).

The following scores were posted within the last week, November 14 – 20, 2018.


  • DLC Today, 1060 Meyer Road – score 93

No test kit for sanitizer 5(pnt) – OBSERVED INCORRECT TEST STRIPS USED TO MEASURE SANITIZER LEVELS. USING QUAT STRIPS FOR CHLORINE. No certified food protection manager.

  • The Tattooed Dog, 11 Wentzville Bluffs Drive Ste. 109 – score 100
  • Village Center Care, 909 East Pitman Avenue – score 100
  • Yo! Salsa, 2 West Pearce Boulevard – score 95

Leaking plumbing or plumbing in disrepair 5, 2(pnt) – Observed leak at prep sink at drain line.

  • Sam’s Club retail, concession/cafe, demo kitchen, Fujisan Sushi Bar, 3055 Bear Creek Drive – all scored 100
  • Rizzo’s Bar and Grill, 1155 Wentzville Parkway Ste. 145 – score 98
  • Bento Sushi Bar at Dierberg’s, 1820 Wentzville Parkway – score 100

Lake Saint Louis

  • El Maguey Mexican Restaurant, 1413 Lake Saint Louis Boulevard – score 100


  • Big T Deli, 1322 North Main Street – score 94

Observed no Certified Food Protection Manager on staff nor a Basic Food Certification on staff during the inspection. 

Torn or broken door seals, hinges etc. (poorly maintained or in disrepair) 2(pnt) – Observed dirty and poorly maintained gaskets on the sliding reach in cooler. 

Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed the inner barrier of the ice machine having a dark build up inside of the machine. This should be cleaned regularly to avoid build up. Observed shelving holding clean containers having a build up of food residue. These should be cleaned regularly.

  • Dos Primos, 624 North Main Street – score 98
  • O’Fallon Bowling Lanes, 420 Sonderen Street – follow up

Torn or broken door seals, hinges etc. (poorly maintained or in disrepair) 2(pnt) – Observed torn gaskets on the reach in cooler located in the grill area across from the lanes. 

Majority of previous violations have been corrected including critical and noncritical items. Things that were corrected were the sink in the bar area, items labeled in the reach in cooler and walk in cooler, ice scoops stored properly, ice machine cleaned, and wall containing a smooth and cleanable surface next to the stove in the back area by the three compartment sink. Items still to be corrected are having other employees with the Certified Food Manager Certificate and gaskets to be replaced on the reach in cooler in the cook area across from the lanes. During the reinspection a Certified Food Manager was on staff, however, when manager is not present another employee should be certified. This will be reviewed next routine inspection.

  • The Tap House Pub and Patio, 9015 Veterans Memorial Parkway – score 86

No soap at sink 5(pnt)

Observed no soap provided at the hand sink in the bar area and no towels at the hand sink in the kitchen. These items should be supplied at the hand sinks at all times. 

Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt)

Observed ready to eat food items past their 7 day marking in all of the reach in coolers in the kitchen. This is a repeat violation. 

Torn or broken door seals, hinges etc. (poorly maintained or in disrepair) 2(pnt)

Observed torn gaskets on reach in coolers in the kitchen and on the reach in coolers in the bar area. This is a repeat violation. 

Leaking plumbing or plumbing in disrepair 5, 2(pnt)

Observed a leak accumulating water in the reach in cooler located next to the ice machine. 

During the inspection a reach in cooler was not in service and was in process of being cleaned out of condiments ( ketchup and mustard). Apparently the cooler had went out over night. No food items were in the cooler during the time of inspection.

  • JJ’s Restaurant, 200 Fort Zumwalt Square – score 98
  • Burkemper’s Family Restaurant, 512 Sonderen Street – follow up

Torn or broken door seals, hinges etc. (poorly maintained or in disrepair) 2(pnt) – Observed gaskets not replaced as a previous violation from last routine inspection. Gaskets are on order. 

All previous violations have been corrected including eggs at the correct temperature, all food items in reach in coolers have been labeled and dated, sanitizer strength is at the appropriate level, and ice machine has been cleaned. The only remaining items is gaskets to be replaced and these have been ordered by the facility. 

  • Chick-Fil-A, 2106 Highway K – score 100


  • Knights of Columbus Banquet Center, 5701 Highway N – follow up, in compliance
  • La Chata, 3891 Mid Rivers Mall Drive – score 94



Unnecessary items/clutter and litter 2(pnt) – OBSERVED UNNECESSARY ITEMS IN THE KITCHEN,

  • UrbanAir Adventure and Trampoline Park, 5994 Mid Rivers Mall Drive – follow up, in compliance

St. Charles

  • Levantine Nights, 524 South Main Street – score 98
  • Frenchtown Deli & Catring, 1312 North Second Street R – score 100
  • RT Weilers, 201 North Main Street – score 96

Observed floors surrounding fryers and other cooking equipment with grease and debris behind and surrounding. Clean at increased frequency to prevent accumulation. 

Observed foot candles in kitchen around 10-15 fc’s. Light intensity where prep and cooking occurs is required to be 50 fc’s. Continue adding LED lighting.

  • Save A Lot bakery, 3102 West Clay Street – score 100
  • Black Bear Diner, 2865 Veterans Memorial Parkway – score 100
  • QuikTrip retail and concession, 1640 South Fifth Street – both scored 100
  • Mid Town 66, 524 First Capitol Drive – score 86

No soap at sink 5(pnt). Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt). Improper use of warewashing sinks 2(pnt). drying mop storage

  • Amerisports bar and kitchen, Bugatti’s, Landmark Buffet, Conference Center, Falcon Diner, Pearl’s Oyster Bar, Star Club, Production Kitchen, TDR, Deli Level 2 Queen Service Bar 1, Asia, 1 Ameristar Boulevard – all scored 100
  • All Occasion Banquet Center, 111 Compass Point Drive – score 100
  • My Big Fat Greek Truck, 1914 Bowles Avenue – score 100
  • Subway, 1352 South Fifth Street – score 93

Observed no person in charge with minimum requirement for food safety certification. A risk 3 establishment is required to have one individual with a 5 year management certification and then 1 person must have a basic level food safety certification to cover all shifts of the operating period. 

Observed most recent health inspection not posted. Inspection posted is from 12/13/2017. Must print and post most recent copy of inspection for public viewing.

  • KFC, 620 South Fifth Street – score 91

Observed air vents in kitchen with accumulation of debris. Observed floors behind and surrounding fryers with accumulation of debris. Observed standing water in chicken walk in cooler and floors in kitchen. 

Insufficient lighting 2(pnt) – Light intensity observed at 4 foot candles in men’s restroom and 10 foot candles in women’s restroom. Restroom light intensity required to be 20 foot candles minimum. 

Observed complaint report posted in place of health inspection. Facility must post copy of most recent health inspection for public viewing. Complaint reports are not required to be posted.

  • Lady Di’s Diner, 630 North Kingshighway – score 98
  • Nagel’s BBQ at Lady Di’s, 630 North Kingshighway – score 100

Weldon Spring

  • Whitmoor Country Club clubhouse, 1100 Whitmoor Drive – score 91

PHF?s not held at 41 degrees or below 5(pnt) – OBSERVED CHICKEN IN LINE PULL OUT COOLER AT 51 DEGREES 



St. Peters

The City of St. Peters also conducts its own inspections through its Food Sanitation Department. Violation details are not available. The following inspection scores are from October 2018:

  • 7-Eleven, 610 Jungermann Road – score 100
  • 94 Convenience, 4500 South St. Peters Parkway – score 100
  • All Saints Parish Center, 7 McMenamy Road – score 100
  • Anthony’s Produce Inc., 701 Jungermann Road – score 100
  • Arabica Coffee, 1600 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Ste. 9016 – score 88
  • Barnes Jewish St. Peters Hospital, 10 Hospital Drive – score 98
  • Bowlero, 8070 Veterans Memorial Parkway – score 98
  • Buffalo Wild Wings, 179 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Ste. C – score 98

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