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St. Charles County Food Inspection Scores: 909 Public House, Outback, Crazy Bowls

Burger and Beer

The St. Charles County Department of Public Health monitors more than 1,300 food service providers in St. Charles County. (The City of St. Peters conducts its own inspections.) Routine inspections are conducted by specialists with the department for proper food safety procedures and are scored by deducting points from a starting score of 100.

The following acronyms are used in violation information: PHF (Potentially Hazardous Food), TCS (Time/Temperature Control for Safety), FCS (Food-contact Surface), NFC (Non-food contact surface), RTE (Read to Eat).

The following scores were posted within the last week, August 8 – 14, 2018.


  • McDonald’s, 21700 Veterans Memorial Parkway – follow up, in compliance


  • Tree House Learning Center, 23 Tiffany Lynn Court – score 100
  • Captain D’s, 708 South Church Street – score 100
  • Fritz’s Frozen Custard, 1105 West Pearce Boulevard – score 100
  • Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, 1867 Wentzville Parkway – score 100
  • Olive Garden, 1280 West Pearce Boulevard – score 100
  • Bob Evans, 3001 Wentzville Parkway – score 100
  • Alfano’s Pizza, 1437 Wentzville Parkway – score 100
  • Sakura Hibachi & Sushi, 1119 West Pearce Boulevard – score 98
  • 909 Public House, 909 Main Plaza Drive – score 98

Lake Saint Louis

  • Jack in the Box, 459 Hawk Ridge Trail – score 79

Failure to designate a Person-in-Charge 5(pnt) – No one present have proper food service certification. PHF?s not held at 41 degrees or below 5(pnt) – Tomatoes and lettuce, facility unable to demonstrate time or time temp control, product recommended to be discarded. Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt). Torn or broken door seals, hinges etc. (poorly maintained or in disrepair) 2(pnt). Also several gaskets on doors to cooling units observed to have accumulation of black mold like substance. Observed that hand washing sink close to dish washing area is dirty and blocked. Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Interior of cooling units dirty

  • Schnuck’s deli, 101 Civic Center Drive – score 93

No towels or dryer at sink 5(pnt) – on front hand washing sink by food prep area. Observed that fan used in food prep room is dusty

  • Schnuck’s salad bar, 101 Civic Center Drive – score 98
  • St. Louis Bread Company, 861 Robert Raymond Drive – score 98
  • Subway, 6249 Ronald Reagan Drive – score 86

Failure to designate a Person-in-Charge 5(pnt) – No one present have current food service certification. Thermometers missing from hot or cold unit 5(pnt) – Current food permit not posted. Last inspection report not posted

  • Subway at Walmart, 6100 Ronald Reagan Drive – score 89

Thermometers missing from hot or cold unit 2(pnt). Employees wearing more jewelry than a plain ring, on arms or hands 2(pnt). Permit not posted. Last inspection report not posted

  • Circle K, 1001 Lake Saint Louis Boulevard – score 80

No one at store has food safety certificate. Sink is blocked or inaccessible 5(pnt). PHF?s not held at 41 degrees or below 5(pnt) – Rear prep area Magic Chef refrigerator holding raw chicken at 57F. Refrigerator is not commercial grade and should not be used. Employee states chicken was placed in refrigerator earlier this morning and will be cooked immediately. Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt). Observed expired foods for sale. Discussed refrigeration units should have thermometer. Discussed posting of current inspection. Discussed keeping food related items off floor. Discussed covering of light bulbs. Discussed sanitizer availability in prep area. 


  • Imo’s Pizza, 9951 Winghaven Boulevard – score 100
  • Subway, 4263 Keaton Crossing Boulevard – score 100
  • China King, 2701 Highway K – score 86

Raw meats above RTE food 5(pnt) – Observed raw meats stored above RTE food items in the walk in refrigerator. Foods should be stored in the correct order regarding cooking temperature. Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt) – Observed multiple items in the Walk in cooler and reach in cooler of the establishment not having labels or dates on them. This is a repeat violation for the facility. Observed personal care items being stored mixed in with consumer items. Personal items should have their own designated shelf and away from consumer items. Non-food grade materials used for food storage 2(pnt) – Observed raw chicken and other food items stored in aluminum cans located in the walk in cooler. Food items not originally sealed in these containers should be stored in containers that are resistant to decomposition.

  • China King, 2701 Highway K – follow up, in compliance

All previous violations have been corrected including food items in food grade material containers, chicken stored below beef and other RTE foods, and all prepared food items have been labeled and dated.

  • Mount Carmel Communities, 206 North Main Street – score 100
  • Chang Xing Asian Bistro, 121 O’Fallon Plaza – score 95

Ready to eat PHFs not dated 5(pnt) – Observed multiple food items not dated or past their 7 day marking. Violation corrected on site.

  • Clayton’s, 104 Triad Center W – follow up, in compliance
  • Thai Gourmet, 4267 Keaton Crossing Boulevard – score 91

By request of manager time for correction extended till next inspection for Certified Food Protection Manager. Torn or broken door seals, hinges etc. (poorly maintained or in disrepair) 2(pnt) on 3 door cooler. Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Under equipment large accumulation of dirt and grease

  • Fort Zumwalt North High School, 1230 Tom Ginnever Avenue – score 100
  • Panther Perk, FZN High School, 1230 Tom Ginnever Avenue – score 100
  • Fort Zumwalt West High School, 1251 Turtle Creek Drive – score 100
  • Fort Zumwalt West Coffee Shop, 1251 Turtle Creek Drive – score 100
  • Little Guppy Child Development Center, 1078 Bryan Road – score 100
  • El Tio Pepe Mexican Restaurant, 315 West Terra Lane – score 98
  • Sno Biz Shave Ice, 231 O’Fallon Plaza – score 100
  • Subway, 3094 Winghaven Boulevard – score 100
  • QuikTrip retail and concession, 801 Bealleau Creek Road – both scored 100
  • Wharf Pharmacy, 2175 West Terra Lane – score 100
  • O’Fallon Family Restaurant, 1322 Sunburst Drive – follow up, in compliance

St. Charles

  • Main Street Marketplace, 708 South Main Street – score 100
  • T.A. Tequila, 2641 Muegge Road – score 95

Observed numerous fruit-fly-like insects in the dry storage room in back of kitchen. Pest control company has treated once for insects and is scheduled to return to treat again. The premises shall be maintained free of insects, rodents, and other pests. The presence of insects, rodents, and other pests shall be controlled to eliminate their presence by using methods, if pests are found, such as trapping devices or other means of pest control. Will follow up within 3 days to check progress of removal/prevention.

  • T.A. Tequila, 2641 Muegge Road – follow up, in compliance
  • Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe, 2041 Zumbehl Road – score 98
  • Sodexo at Francis Howell School District food truck, 4520 Central School Road – score 100
  • Hotshots, 1636 Country Club Plaza Drive – score 90

Observed sanitizer dispenser for buckets not pulling sanitizer through system. System was primed and nozzle checked for obstructions. System primed and violation corrected. Corrected to 200 ppm quat. All pre made buckets were replaced with new buckets at 200 ppm quat concentration. Observed health inspection from 8/8/17 posted. Must post most recent health inspection for public viewing.

  • Bella Vino, 325 South Main Street – score 91


  • Crazy Bowls and Wraps, 1980 West Clay Street – follow up, in compliance
  • Waffle House, 1200 South Fifth Street – score 93

Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed shelving and fan cover in walk in cooler with debris accumulation. Clean at an increased frequency. Observed inspection posted from 12/12/17. Most recent inspection not posted. Must print and post most recent health inspection. Discussed No longer using quat sanitizer spray. Determine new process/procedures for sanitizer use/location. 

  • El Rancho Nuevo, 1644 Country Club Plaza Drive – score 93

No person in charge with minimum requirement for food safety certification. Hot water at bar temporarily shut off due to leak at main distribution point in bar. Scheduled to be repaired 8-14-18. Will follow up within 3 days to verify correction. Discussed Labeling procedures for non-original chemical spray bottles. Previous inspection visibility. Gasket replacement schedule 

  • Outback Streak House, 1620 Country Club Plaza Drive – score 100
  • Sodexo at Castlio Elementary School, 1020 Dingledine Road – score 100
  • Red Fish Blue Fish, 7 Hawks Nest Plaza – score 90

Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed area surrounding fryer with accumulation of debris. Kitchen no longer used but area must be maintained clean to prevent harborage conditions for pests. Floor of kitchen area also found with boxes and items not relevant to operation of facility. Most recent health inspection not posted. Print and post most recent health inspection for public viewing.

  • La Guadalupana, 311 Droste Road – score 98
  • Kinder Care Learning Center, 1900 Zumbehl Road – score 100
  • La Tia and and Pancho’s Cantina and Grill, 140 North Main Street – score 100
  • JJ’s Bar & Grill, 1215 South Duchesne Drive – score 100
  • Sodexo at Independence Elementary School, 4800 Meadows Parkway – score 100
  • Sodexo at Bryan Middle School, 605 Independence Road – score 98
  • Hardee’s, 2701 North Highway 94 – score 92

Observed no person in charge with minimum requirement for food safety certification. Observed Beverage-air 2 door reach in cooler and Traulsen tall 2 door reach in cooler with temperatures at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Coolers do not contain TCS foods. Coolers must be fixed to maintain air temperatures that allow foods to be at 41 F or below. Observed gaskets on most cold holding equipment in poor repair and in need of replacing. Gaskets observed torn and with debris and mold-like substances within them. Observed shelving units in walk in cooler with possible mold like substance on them. Require cleaning at increased frequency. Observed ceiling tiles, walls, floors, light shields, and air vents with flour and debris accumulation. Clean at increased frequency. Observed insides of gaskets on cold holding equipment with debris accumulation and possible mold growth. Observed 2017 health permit posted. Must post 2018 permit.

  • Funke’s Bar and Grill, 331 North Main Street – score 94

Observed floors surrounding fryer and cooking equipment with accumulation of grease and debris. Must clean at increased frequency to prevent accumulation. Observed small leak in plumbing under handsink at bar. Observed self closing devices on restroom doors not functioning. Restroom doors must remain shut.


  • Ashley’s Rose/Augusta White House, 5567 Walnut Street – score 93

No one on duty food safety certified. Dirty NFCs 2(pnt) – Observed grill and fryer areas in need of cleaning. Discussed dish machine. 

St. Peters

The City of St. Peters conducts its own inspections through its Food Sanitation Department. Violation details are not available. The following inspection scores are from July 2018:

  • 7-Eleven Store, 610 Jungermann Road – score 100
  • ABC Daycare and Learning Center, 4621 North St. Peters Parkway – score 100
  • AMVETS Memorial Post #106, 360 Brown Road – score 98
  • Andrew’s Bayou Ribs, 3576 Adie Road – score 98
  • Arby’s, 225 Mid Rivers Mall Drive – score 98
  • Bento Sushi Bar at Dierberg’s, 217 Salt Lick Road – score 100
  • Candyland Academy, 102 Birdie Hills Road – score 100
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, 6217 Mid Rivers Mall Drive – score 100
  • Church of the Shepherd, 1601 Woodstone Drive – score 100
  • Circle K, 6105 Mexico Road – score 100
  • Coopers, 6632 Mexico Road – score 100
  • Copper Chimney, 200 Mid Rivers Center – score 96
  • Country Club Car Wash, 4200 Mexico Road – score 100
  • Denny’s Restaurant, 3939 Veterans Memorial Parkway – score 94
  • Dollar General Store, 1080 Grand Teton Drive – score 96
  • Dollar General Store, 34 Harvester Square – score 98
  • Drury Inn, 170 Mid Rivers Mall Circle – score 100

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