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St. Charles County COVID-19 update: 688 positive tests, 50 deaths as of May 15

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(As of 4:10 p.m., May 15)

St. Charles County Government and the Department of Public Health staff are working closely with local, regional, state and federal partners to investigate COVID-19, monitor individuals who may have been exposed to the virus and implement procedures to reduce the spread of illness. Consult St. Charles County’s COVID-19 website for information on the disease pandemic and the county’s response activities.

As of this update, the Department of Public Health reports the following:

  • 498 persons being quarantined
  • 1,686 persons who have completed quarantine period
  • 3 tests pending at the Missouri State Laboratory*
  • 688 positive tests*
  • 50 COVID-19 deaths

*Tests are being performed at both the Missouri State Laboratory and through private testing laboratories. The number of negative and pending tests is reported to the Department of Public Health by the Missouri State Laboratory only; private labs do not report pending or negative tests to the health department.


  1. 50 people out of 400k in the county is insignificant and does not justify any level of lockdown. More importantly, totals alone don’t tell much of a story; where is the associated demographic data? If the deaths were, for instance, mostly concentrated in nursing homes or folks in their 70s+ with pre-existing conditions (as is likely the case, based on data from Europe, China, and NY), then it completely changes the narrative.

    Give us the supporting data so we can calmly and intelligently evaluate the situation and develop a balanced solution that includes economic and social considerations as well as the “everybody panic and hide in your basement” inputs from the CDC. They are only one input in a complex system.

  2. I received an email from Urgent care Access,as I recently visited them when I broke my ankle a month ago,stating they have testing available. I went for the care in Wentzville,MO. I am not showing any signs of the virus.Can I just go to Urgent and ask ? Thanks.

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