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St. Charles County COVID-19 update: 237 positive tests, 7 deaths as of April 6

As of 5:45 p.m., Monday, April 6

St. Charles County Government and the Department of Public Health continue activities to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in this community. County officials are working closely with local, regional, state and federal partners to investigate the illness, monitor individuals who may have been exposed to the virus and implement procedures to reduce the spread of illness.

Staff is also connecting with community partners in health care, education, businesses, community services and other areas to provide support to those organizations and the clients they serve.

St. Charles County has launched an online dashboard with updated information on COVID-19 cases in the county, including a Zip Code map, case count by date, case count by age and case count by gender.

As of this update, the Department of Public Health reports the following:

  • 456 persons being monitored
  • 658 persons who h ave completed monitoring period
  • 4 tests pending at the Missouri State Laboratory*
  • 23 negative tests*
  • 237 positive tests*
  • 7 COVID-19 deaths

St. Charles County has re-organized its COVID-19 website to become more user-friendly and more informative. Included in this update are the launch of an online dashboard with updated case information presented in several ways, a cleaner method for finding supplemental web pages/resources, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and an updated listing of County news releases/announcements/Executive Orders issued during the pandemic.

*Tests are being performed at both the Missouri State Laboratory and through private testing laboratories. The number of negative and pending tests is reported to the Department of Public Health by the Missouri State Laboratory only; private labs do not report pending or negative tests to the health department.

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