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SSM St. Joseph – Lake Saint Louis pioneers new surgery technology

SSM St. Joseph Hospital Lake Saint Louis

SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital – Lake Saint Louis is the first hospital in Missouri to use the 7D Surgical System for Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS).

The 7D Surgical’s revolutionary Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS) is the first navigation platform that uses only visible light to register patients in seconds. Spine surgeons, like SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital’s, Dr. Timothy Graven, can guide their tools to the critical anatomy using sophisticated camera technology linked to a computer in the operating room. Unlike time-consuming conventional image guided surgery systems that depend on intraoperative radiation, this new MvIGS platform can achieve an incredibly fast surgical workflow for spine procedures, reducing operative time for patients.

“We’re excited to bring this state of the art surgical technology to the patients of SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital – Lake Saint Louis,” said Kyle Grate, Vice President of Hospital Operations and Director of Surgical Services at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital. “7D Surgical’s Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery enables a safer environment with less radiation exposure for our surgeons and employees, and reduces surgery time, making for a safer patient experience.”

Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery entails the use of a sophisticated set of cameras acting as “eyes” to inspect objects and automatically analyze them, allowing for real-time feedback. Activated by the surgeon, 7D Surgical’s machine-vision cameras can analyze surface anatomy, in just seconds using only visible light. This analysis produces a full-color 3D reconstruction of the surgical site consisting of hundreds of thousands of points used for registration. The surgeon then defines the level of surgical interest and the registration points are colocalized to the pre-operative CT.

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