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Special Programs for Police Enforcement on I-70, Highway 61 Start in April

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Two new initiatives to decrease the number of motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities on highways in the Wentzville area will go into effect in April.

A Travel Safe Zone on I-70 from Route A to Wentzville Parkway will pair additional fines with public education, and Operation Crossroads 61 on Highway 61 from I-70 to Eolia will bring increased speed limit enforcement by six law enforcement agencies.


Travel Safe Zone: Interstate 70 from Route A to Wentzville Parkway

(Press release from MoDOT)

The Missouri Department of Transportation is implementing a Travel Safe Zone on Interstate 70 in St. Charles County starting on Monday, April 4.

Eastbound and westbound I-70 from Route A to Wentzville Parkway were designated as a Travel Safe Zone because studies showed the number of fatal and serious injury crashes on this section of roadway was greater than the average on similar highways. Signs will clearly identify the Travel Safe Zone boundaries. The Travel Safe Zone will remain in place for a year and then will be reviewed.

MoDOT uses Travel Safe Zones to improve the safety of a clearly defined section of roadway. Established by Missouri statute, Travel Safe Zones increase fines for moving violations and increase public information efforts to help reduce the number and severity of crashes.

“This section of I-70 has seen too many serious and fatal crashes which is why we partnered with the city of Wentzville to encourage motorists to drive the speed limit and hopefully reduce crashes,” said MoDOT St. Charles County Area Engineer Jim Wright.

Along with the Wentzville Police Department, the Missouri State Highway Patrol is partnering in the I-70 Travel Safe Zone.


Operation Crossroads 61

(Press release from St. Charles County Police Department)

Beginning April 1, six law enforcement agencies will initiate “Operation Crossroads 61,” a high-visibility patrol enforcement detail along State Highway 61, between Interstate 70 and the Village of Eolia, Mo. This multi-agency initiative is focused on reducing public safety dangers that result in motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities.

State Highway 61 is not a controlled-access roadway. While it was not designed for high-speed traffic, many motorists travel at increased speeds causing collisions with vehicles exiting to and entering from the side roads. Patrol officers are committed to reducing crashes and increasing driver focus, and will strictly enforce speed limits in marked agency vehicles.

Motorists are offered the following safety tips to reduce motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities: abide by posted speed limits, observe seat belt laws, decrease distracted driving, and to be aware of their surroundings, especially areas around exits and crossovers.

“Operation Crossroads 61” includes participation by the St. Charles County Police Department, Missouri State Highways Patrol, Wentzville Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, Moscow Mills Police Department and the Troy Police Department. Enforcement will be conducted twice a month on various days throughout the year.

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