Smokin Aces Begins Recovery from Tornado Damage with Help from Tommy D’s Pizza

Disc Gof Basket at Tommy D's Pizza

Smokin Aces Disc Golf, one of downtown Wentzville’s newest businesses, is receiving help from another downtown business to recover from damages sustained when a tornado touched down on March 7.

Smokin Aces, which rents space from Wheel Sports Bicycle Shop, had put more than $3,000 into creating a disc golf putting green in the building’s back yard area. “St. Louis had never had a putting league before that,” said Smokin Aces owner Mike Taylor. “It took us four months to clean out the backyard, including Bobcat work and $600 worth of grass seed.”

The new putting league was seven weeks into an eight-week session, with just the championship left, when storms ripped through Wentzville just after midnight on March 7.

The EF1 tornado took down three trees in the new putting green and destroyed a shed. It bent up the baskets, which serve as goals for disc golf. “One basket was completely destroyed,” Taylor said. Then came the news that insurance would cover only the basket and a sign that was damaged.

But help came from Tommy D’s Pizza, just down the street. The pizza restaurant, which had sponsored disc golf events in the past, “doughnated” 10 percent of sales on March 13 to help with the recovery efforts.

“We had a lot of support,” said Matt Olson, one of the owners of Tommy D’s. “It was awesome. We raised somewhere in the ballpark of $350 to $400.” Olson and partner Tom Durst will also be donating a gift card so that Smokin Aces can purchase shovels and other tools.

Clean up and repair efforts are already underway, Taylor said. “We were the first disc golf shop in St. Charles County. People drive hours to come here. We will get the back yard rebuilt better than ever.”