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Slide the City Event Will Turn Mexico Road Into Giant Water Slide July 25-26

Slide the City
O'Fallon's Slide the City event will feature a giant water slide, food trucks, and entertainment.

A new event in O’Fallon this summer will turn Mexico Road into a giant water slide for one weekend in July.

O’Fallon Parks and Recreation’s Slide the City event, scheduled for July 25 – 26, will also feature food trucks and live entertainment, said Marsha Seymour, O’Fallon’s Tourism and Festivals Manager.

A part of Mexico Road near Fort Zumwalt West High School will be closed off for the event, and the giant slide will take advantage of one of the hills. Parking will be available at the high school.

Participants must purchase a wristband to use the slide, and several levels are available: a one-slide wristband, a three-slide wristband, or a VIP slider wristband that allows early admission and unlimited slides.

Each pass comes with freebies–depending on admission level, those may include mouth guards, water guns, tubes, t-shirts, and hats. Seymour said that the event was expected to sell out.

Tubes are required to use the slide.

Admission wristbands are not yet available for sale. Watch 70 West Sentinel or the O’Fallon Parks & Rec page for more information as it becomes available.

Slide the City
O\’Fallon\’s Slide the City event will feature a giant water slide, food trucks, and entertainment.




  1. Why are they using a major rd. Thats giing to be a major inconvience. Why not Civic park Dr. There is parking there. Or even Tom Geniver by North High school. There is far less traffic and easier ways to get around the area. That is a horrible spot to have this. It going to inconvience way to many people. Why werent the people asked what they thought.

    • I cant remember exactly where civic park dr is but in regards to tom ginnever it is an extremely flat road so id like to see you try and use it as a waterslide

    • It’s not like it’s shut down for major repair for months on end. It is not that hard to re-route yourself. Or even just stay home that day, and miss out on the fun.

    • Boo hoo, so what? People love to complain. There will be detours set up I’m sure. It won’t affect your life in any way other than an extra 5 minute drive. Support people having fun.

  2. Why are there ALWAYS people who just can’t go with the flow ???? They have to complain or find some reason to try to make happyness not happen . Those kind of people SUCK !!!!!

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