Print Friendly, PDF & Email rates O’Fallon as Missouri’s safest large city

City of O'Fallon

The newest report from the website named O’Fallon as Missouri’s safest large city and #18 among all cities in the State. The honor was announced in’s listing of “The Safest Cities in Missouri for 2021.”

With a population of more than 89,000 residents, O’Fallon was the only large city (population greater than 25,000 residents) to be rated in the top 20. O’Fallon had a violent crime rate of 1.3 incidents per 1,000 residents and a property crime rate of 11.3 per 1,000 residents.

“This is truly a testament to our residents and businesses who look out for their community and work to keep their neighborhoods safe,” said O’Fallon’s Mayor, Bill Hennessy. “It’s further evidence of the tremendous work being done by our O’Fallon Police Department. These men and women dedicate their lives to keeping us safe and secure.”

The report was listed at

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