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Residential part of $400 million development at Interstate 64 and DD to move forward

Site of Proposed Streets of Caledonia

The first part of a $400 million commercial/residential development at Interstate 64 and Highway DD in O’Fallon will go before the city’s planning and zoning commission at their December meeting.

The Streets of Caledonia will eventually encompass 260 plus acres at Interstate 64 and Highway DD. According to an announcement in the O’Fallon Economic Development Department’s latest newsletter, Payne Family Homes has earmarked half of the site for commercial development, with a grocery store, retail offerings, office space, medical buildings, and a hotel. It would also feature high-end multi-dwelling units.

The other half of the development, further south, would consist of 400 to 500 single-family homes, and is the first part of the development to move forward, said Patrick McKeehan, economic development director for the City of O’Fallon.

“It’s in the preliminary stages,” McKeehan said. “The developer is wanting to move forward on the residential part first.”

McKeehan said that about 38 acres of the development is on the same side of Highway DD as the Regal Theater and the new soccer facility on Caledonia Drive. The remainder is across Highway DD.




  1. Are they going to build another lane on each side of 64 to accommodate the 400 to 500 new families? Traffic is already a nightmare on that side of the county with I70 continuously getting worse with even more cookie cutters on the way. How many boring cookie cutter homes can one town have? Is it a contest?

    • I agree. It’s getting old. Rebuilt the highway 12 years ago, only to have 2 lanes. Still. There is as much traffic on the service roads now are there was on the highway back then and the speed on the service roads is higher to boot. No wonder there are so many accidents at Phoenix/Technology. Whoever designed the 2 lane merge into one and then dump 1000 cars on the 2 lane highway at once is a moron. No one thinks about planning for the future, that’s for sure. Need at least 3 lanes each side between Ofallon and Troy. Same between Wentzville and Jonesburg on 70. Take it BEYOND the current “popular place to live” so there is room to deal with the inevitable McBride island.

  2. Building the homes before the stores leaves all of these people no choice but to drive to Lake St. Louis or Dardenne Prairie (their nearest destinations) to shop… at least until years later when the first stores open. This means there will be massive traffic issues on Hawk Ridge — which we are experiencing already. Since there are subdivisions along Hawk Ridge and since 500 more homes will be built, the traffic issues need to be addressed on Hawk Ridge/S. Outer Road. We already have accidents at subdivision entrances. These accidents are not caused by speeding but by frustrated and impatient people exiting their subdivision who are tired of waiting five minutes before pulling out. They take risks because the traffic is too heavy. Combine that with an occasional speeder and then tragedy is just around the corner. Since O Fallon wants 500 more homes and already approved Legend Pointe, the elected officials need to take responsibly for that stretch of road that connects all their projects like a responsible city would. Step up and take control of that stretch of road. St. Charles County wants you to take it over… and so do your voters. Why allow this growingly popular route to enter O’ Fallon look and operate as it does today?

  3. Looks like another cookie cutter residential development that will be over priced in the $400,500-$850,000 range when all said and done with upgrades.

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