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Proposed improvements to Wentzville roadways include Pearce roundabout, Hwy. Z crossover

The City of Wentzville held an open house last week to introduce residents to proposed improvements to downtown streets. The changes are expected to improve the distribution of traffic and create a better environment for walking, biking, and business.

The Historic Downtown Transportation Revitalization project includes a proposal for a peanut-shaped roundabout at the east end of Pearce Boulevard, connecting both Pearce and Allen Street to Luetkenhaus Boulevard, East Pitman, and a proposed new ramp from Highway 61. Traffic signals would be installed at Pearce and Meyer Road and Pearce and Linn Avenue. In addition, sidewalks would be improved and more on-street parking would be added.  Elm Street would be closed to vehicle traffic and become a pedestrian-only walkway with plantings and seating.

Also facing possible improvements is the Interstate 70/Highway Z/Church Street intersection, one of the gateways to downtown Wentzville. The proposed new interchange includes a double roundabout on the north side. The larger roundabout would allow access to Mar Le Drive, where a new hotel, apartments, and retail sites are being developed.

On the south side of the interstate, a diamond crossover similar to the one at the Mid Rivers Mall Drive/I-70 overpass has been proposed to increase the capacity of the interchange. With such a plan in place, traffic exiting the I-70 westbound lanes would make a left turn and avoid the roundabout completely, traveling under the interstate and then crossing over to the right on the south side of I-70.

Proposed I-70/Highway Z interchange

The city will continue to seek public input about the project, which will not be finalized until funding is determined.

“The thoughts, ideas, insights, and concerns from stakeholders such as business owners, residents, local officials, and commuters is of great value to the study process,” staffers said.


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