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Police Chief Honors Former Police Explorer for Heroism

O’Fallon Police Chief Roy Joachimstaler presented Sean Leible with the Citizen Service Award during the February 12 city council meeting.

On December 22, 2014, Sean Leible was suddenly awakened by a sound inside his home just after midnight. He went to investigate and found his father, Fred Leible, who was home recovering from leg surgery, lying on the floor unresponsive. After quickly accessing the situation, Sean determined that his father had neither a pulse on his own, nor respirations. Being a former O’Fallon Police Explorer Captain, Sean used the CPR skills he had learned in the program and began to perform life saving measures on his father.

Sean was able to call for his mother to notify 9-1-1. Before medics and police arrived on scene, Sean had revived his father. Fred was awake and alert as he was taken to the hospital. After receiving medical treatment for the blood clot that had caused Fred to collapse; Fred was able to return home on Christmas.

Due to Sean Leible’s quick thinking and actions, his father, who appeared to be close to death prior to his intervention, was able to have another chance at life. Sean demonstrated calmness and skill which led to the saving of his father’s life.

It is with great pride we acknowledge this outstanding young man for his actions on December 22, 2014. Sean Leible not only expressed his love for his father, he displayed an uncanny ability to think clearly, remain calm under duress, and subsequently used his training to save a life.

Based upon his heroic actions, the O’Fallon Police Department recognizes Sean Leible with the Citizen Service Award.

Thank you for your training dedication, extraordinary effort, and quick response to your family and the entire O’Fallon community. – O’Fallon Police Chief Roy Joachimstaler

Both Fred and Sean Leible were present. Sean accepted the award, but his words showed what was truly important to him. “As nice as the award is . . . the best thing is getting to spend another day with my father,” he said.

Sean Leible

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