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PetroMart Approved for Construction on Wentzville Parkway


The Wentzville Board of Aldermen has approved plans for the construction of a PetroMart convenience store and gas station at 40 Wentzville Parkway, just west of Luetkenhaus Boulevard.


The new construction is part of a development called Madison Place, located behind the Lindenwood Ice Arena parking lot and fronting on Wentzville Parkway.

Wentzville PetroMart site

The site plan includes a 5,400 square foot convenience store and an 8,855 square foot canopy for 10 fuel pump islands. PetroMart plans to sell diesel fuel, but the site was not designed to accommodate over-the-road tractor trailers.

Access to the development will be at the signalized intersection to the west that currently serves QuikTrip. Another access point to the east will be right-in, right-out only.

The site will feature a retention basin with a fountain.

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