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Opinion: Where’s My Red Light Camera Ticket Refund?

Traffic light

I never got a class action suit postcard for my red light camera ticket. I read up on it and it’s a 20 percent cash refund from the company.

I don’t want money from the company, I want money from the City of St. Peters.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Running a red light is wrong and, if you are caught blatantly and premeditatedly running a red light, then you should be cited. But the way St. Peters operated the red light cameras was pretty thoughtless.

I was cited for rolling a right turn… on red. The fine was $110.00. Pretty steep. Yeah, I know, it’s a numbers thing. My steep ticket for my relatively innocuous offense could be considered collateral damage in a larger battle against red light anarchy with an upside of fewer injuries and deaths due to the running of red lights.

But that doesn’t settle my mind.

In my opinion, at the very least, the fines should be graded according to the seriousness of the offense. The driver’s record should be reviewed to see if a warning is warranted or if the driver is a repeat offender. From what I can tell, none of that was taking place.

Instead, the red light cameras were a faceless money machine that, in its original conception, didn’t even levy points against the offender’s license. So until the system can be made more sophisticated and transparent, I say, suspend the cameras indefinitely.

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